SNL Takes On Blog Comments Sections

Last night, Saturday Night Live took on the always interesting world of blog comments sections:

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Tommy says:

    9/11 was concocted by a secret government cabal to hide President Obama’s real place of birth. Also, BOOOOOOOOBS!!!

  2. J. Stephen says:

    u r looooser. Booooobz is spelled with a “z”, yo.

  3. Jay Tea says:

    When “DaTruf” said she was a lawyer, all I could think of was Orly Taitz, the nutjob lawyer birther… and then she walked it back. Dang it.


  4. Mike & Ike says:

    In a recent email for a congressman’s fundraiser Top rappers come out in force


    Congressman Carson would like to invite you to join him for the JayZ & Kanye West concert at the Verizon Center on Thursday, November 3rd.

    Details are below as well as attached. Please contact me with any questions, and of course to RSVP. Tickets are limited.

    TICKETS $1500 to $2500 a pop !

    Thank you! We look forward to seeing you! ( I BET SHE DOES !)



  5. Kit says:

    Relevant to the topic is the Internet Bridge Troll:

  6. Kit says:

    @Mike & Ike: That… would probably be my congressman. IN-7?