Speaking of Chris Christie and the GOP Selectorate…

On the topic of Chris Christie speculation, NY Magazine notes:  Five Things Conservative Voters Would Hate About Chris Christie.

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  1. PD Shaw says:

    I have to say that link is a bit underwhelming. One assumes a Republican from New Jersey is not going to be very conservative, but if those are all the NY Mag can find on him, I have to assume that Christie just hasn’t had time or interest in talking much about these issues (because he’s from New Jersey).

    NY Mag states: “In 2010, Christie told Politico that America needs to come up with a “clear path to citizenship.” ”

    If you follow the link to the quote, this is what Christie actually said:

    “What I support is making sure that the federal government [plays] each and every one of its roles: Securing the border, enforcing immigration laws, and having an orderly process — whatever that process is — for people to gain citizenship.”

    . . .

    Christie said more resources — specifically, “money” — were needed to support federal law enforcement and border security, along with “having a clear understandable law that people can follow.”

    The quote isn’t supported at the link and even if one assumes “an orderly process . . . for people to gain citizenship” is synonymous with amnesty, it cherrypicks from within a greater focus on enforcement and border security.