Drudge says that a stupid and meaningless poll conducted by Taco Bell shows Schwarzenegger is ahead of Bustamonte.

Taco Bell Corp. announces the first installment of its Taco Poll results with former frontrunner Arnold Schwarzenegger leading with 54 percent of votes with his crunchy beef taco. The Grilled Stuft Burrito holds a strong second on the menu with 43 percent of votes for Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante and the remaining 133 candidates; followed by Governor Gray Davis, represented by a chicken soft taco, with three percent. After overwhelming response from consumers to include Cruz in the Company’s in-store gubernatorial Taco Poll and strong support from national poll results, Taco Bell also announced Californians can now take a big bite out of Bustamante … as a Chalupa.

Beginning last Thursday, consumers could visit more than 1,000 California restaurants to “put their vote where their mouth is†for their favorite gubernatorial candidate. Californians “bought votes†simply by purchasing selected Taco Bell menu items. A crunchy beef taco counts as one vote for Schwarzenegger, a soft chicken taco counts as a vote for not recalling Davis and any Grilled Stuft Burrito shows support for any of the other candidates. Now, starting today, consumers who want show support for Bustamante can choose the Chalupa.

I’m wondering if this new methodological approach will be discussed at the American Political Science Association meeting in Philadelphia? If so, I hope they’re handing out samples. I’d be willing to indicate my support for “none of the above” by consuming one or more Grilled Stuft Burritos.

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  1. Trish Wilson says:

    Gray Davis is a chicken soft taco? LOL

    Don’t forget Taco Bell’s new promotion: Buy Taco Bell. Get Free Gas.

    Gas for your car, that is.

  2. It’s inventive, if nothing else.