Will Biden’s Israel Policy Matter in November?

Many Democrats are worried about the fallout.

Trump, Nationalism, And The Lessons Of World War One

One hundred years after the end of World War One, the forces that led to it are waking up from a long slumber.

Kennedy Assassination Story

A stark account of how American journalism has changed over the last half century.

General John Shalikashvili Dead at 75

A legendary American soldier, General John Shalikashvili, has died.

A Libyan No-Fly Zone Won’t Stop Gaddafi

Establishing a no-fly zone in Libya won’t stop the Civil War, and it’s likely to draw the United States further into a conflict that it needs to stay out of.

Daalder: Afghanistan Process Will Take Years

Ivo Daalder, the US Ambassador to NATO, says that we are “seeing the corner and can peek around it in Afghanistan” and that a province-by-province handover of security responsibilities to the host government will “start in the first half of 2011.” But the final handover is not expected until “the end of 2014” and NATO forces will remain in an advisory capacity indefinitely. “The process will take years,” he emphasized.