The 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill

The Hill newspaper has put the list together which consists almost exclusively of Capitol Hill staffers you’ve never heard of. It does include, however, a couple of more well-known people such as, er, Majority Leader John Boehner and the more fitting choice of FOX News’ Megyn Kendall.

UPDATE (James Joyner):
Not having my years of experience blogging, Greg apparently does not understand the First Rule of Blogging about hotties: Pictures, pictures, pictures. In the interest of brevity, I have skipped over the male honorees.

Photo Hill Hottie Michelle PersauPhoto Hill Hottie Lauren Huly Photo Hill Hottie Elizabeth McDonoughPhoto Hill Hottie Elizabeth Kimberly HunterPhoto Hill Hottie Noelle LuSane

Photo Hill Hottie Alena KlimianokPhoto Hill Hottie Anjulen AndersonPhoto Hill Hottie Beth ZentmeyerPhoto Hill Hottie Carmela Clendening

That’s the top 10. Many more at the link.

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  1. Aaron Brazell says:

    Thanks for the public service, James! Teach this lad right, ok? :p

  2. Pug says:

    Five Dems and five Repubs. Very bi-partisan. I didn’t bother to check the men so the results are very unscientific.

  3. Where’s Meghan O’Sullivan?

    Rigged, I tell you.

  4. James Joyner says:

    CD: Don’t think she’s employed on the Hill.