The Power of Blogs

Dan Drezner and Henry Farrell have completed a working version of their long-awaited scholarly study of blogs and their influence on the American political system. They each provides summaries and a link to the PDF version of the complete paper at the links above. Dean Esmay also provides valuable commentary on the multiplier effect that blogs and other narrowly-focused political publications have.

Henry notes, too, that “Late entrants into the political blogosphere can do well as long as they’re interesting and attract some attention – bad timing isn’t destiny.” That’s certainly true. Michelle Malkin has been blogging for about six weeks and is already #24* on the TTLB Ecosystem, ahead of some very well established sites.

*Actually, #23 if one excludes a site that’s been in the top 10 for weeks owing to a including an entire domain as its URL.

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