The Universal Sign For “Stop”

Imbedded with “Deuce Four” in Iraq, Michael Yon has new material up.

Opels may be faster than Kiowas on straight-a-ways, but when the car made turns, the helicopter quickly caught up. Kurilla ordered the Kiowa to fire a warning shot, then quickly authorized the Kiowa to disable the vehicle.

Kiowas are small, carrying just two people; they fly so low the two flying soldiers are practically infantrymen. The pilot swooped low and the “co-pilot” aimed his rifle at the Opel, firing three shots and blowing out the back window. The Kiowa swooped and banked hard in front of the car, firing three more shots through the front hood, the universal sign for “stop.”

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  1. Col Standish says:

    what bullshit

    have any of you keyboard kommandos ever been in the military??>?

    bush is a criminal- he started`this war and invaded another country JUST to get people like you to vote for him

  2. General Observer says:

    You must be lt bell’s supervisor.