From Sky News:

Tatu claim they will get married if they win the Eurovision Song Contest later this month.

The lesbian duo say they are still in love and want to move in together.

But Lena, who will represent Russia alongside Julia at the contest on May 24, said they will never be faithful to each other.

“If we win Eurovision we even want to get married – preferably in Germany.” she told a German newspaper.

“We were never faithful to each other. We also had lots of sex with boys.”

But she added: “We don’t have time for sex any more.”

Julia said: “We still live with our parents but we want to move in together now – into a former brothel.”

How idyllic.

(Hat tip: Michele)

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  1. jen says:

    How odd.

  2. These TATU stories just get stranger and stranger. I guess the whole “lesbian chic” thing doesn’t make up for the fact they have exactly one hit single to their credit.

  3. michele says:

    There was an even odder story this week about how Tatu is looking for 14 year old girls to pose naked for their next album cover.

  4. Mr. B says:

    TATU is getting stranger every day. I suppose that they want the attention of the public by “shocking”. Anyway, weird fellas, those Russians…