Vikings’ RB Onterrio Smith Caught with Whizzinator

Minnesota Vikings running back Onterrio Smith was detained at the airport with a device called “The Original Whizzinator,” used to circumvent drug tests.

Vikings’ RB Smith had drug test avoidance kit (ESPN-ABC News)

Vikings running back Onterrio Smith, who has a history of violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy, was briefly detained by airport police last month after they found an elaborate kit used to beat drug tests. Police at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport questioned Smith on April 21 after a search of his bag discovered vials of white powder, according to a police report.

Smith told officers it was dried urine used in conjunction with a device called “The Original Whizzinator.” The officer who filed the report wrote that Smith “told me that it was dried urine for making a clean urine test.” In addition, he had a bottle of pills labeled “cleansing formula.” Smith told police he was taking the vials to his cousin. The police report didn’t say where Smith was traveling. The Star Tribune first reported the story Wednesday.

“We will continue to monitor the situation as we would with any other and evaluate it from there,” coach Mike Tice said in a statement Wednesday. Smith’s agent, Douglas Hendrickson, didn’t immediately return a message left at his office.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said league rules state that failing to cooperate with a drug test was the same as failing it. “The possession of paraphernalia to circumvent a drug test away from the drug testing site is not a violation of the substance abuse policy, but possession of such paraphernalia is something that will be investigated and action will be taken if appropriate,” Aiello said.

One wonders what Smith’s cousin wanted with the Whizzinator….


The Original Whizzinator
The Original Whizzinator – HOME – Pass Your Drug Test!

There is all manner of information at the site, including some less-than-appealing photos of the product in use and some testimonials from some rather grammatically challenged individuals.

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  1. Chris says:

    Crap, the “O-man” is on my fantasy football team! I thought I was safe at RB for the 2005 season.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I guess it’s not as undetectable as they claim 😉

  3. Carlos says:

    The “O” from Oregon has misshapen his “O” to a zero. He may be a good running back, but if he can’t stay out of trouble (and a “Whizzinator” is an excellent indicator of trouble), then he’s a zero, and will be until he can keep his act together for more than 15 minutes.

    Explain it to us when we can trust what you say, O.

  4. legion says:

    I may be a liberal, but there are some jokes that cannot be resisted…

    If only Bill Clinton had used one of these, how different would the world be today?

  5. Jack Tanner says:

    Wait and see your going to see a lot more steroid problems in sports other than baseball. The NFL would seem to be much more prone to have abusers than MLB.