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Uncensored South Park Muhammed Clip Video

The South Park Scriptorium has the video of Mohammed handing a football to the Family Guy that was censored in part 2 of the season ten “South Park” episode “Cartoon Wars.” Mohammed says “Jihad. Jihad.” and Family Guy says, “Wow! A salmon helmet. Thanks!”

Below is a still photo:

South Park Uncensored Cartoon Wars Mohammed

Click here to download the avi video clip.

It’s very well done, although not particularly funny. But, then, “The Family Guy” isn’t funny, remember?

Brendan Loy does some extensive scene-by-scene comparison with the episode that aired and concludes that it is quite likely a forgery.

Jim Lindgren got confirmation from South Park Executive Producer Anne Garefino “that the clip is a forgery, but an uncensored episode does exist.” He has an extensive interview with her here.

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