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Which Way’s that Wind Blowing?

Even for a Blue Dog Democrat, GA Rep. Jim Marshall’s campaign ad is rather breathtaking…

He’d best be hoping that Pelosi doesn’t retain her Speaker’s role.

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About John Burgess
Former US Foreign Service Officer serving predominantly in the Middle East. Probably best defined as an East Coast Conservative. I blog about Saudi Arabia, the importance of US-Saudi relations, and efforts toward reform in that country at Crossroads Arabia.


  1. JKB says:

    He’s just being pragmatic. Being a Democrat in Georgia, at any level, has been rapidly turning bad. A month ago, Georgia news papers commissioned a poll and found the unpopularity of the national Dems was bleeding down to the local level

    Mason-Dixon managing director Brad Coker said that sentiment toward national Democrats is not staying inside the Beltway around the U.S. capital.

    “There looks to be some degree of a bleed-down to the state level,” he said.

    In the poll, voters were asked whether their feelings toward Obama and the Democratic Congress make them more or less likely to vote for the Democratic candidate in local and state races. Again, the results spell trouble for people such as Barnes, Thurmond and Porter.

    Nearly half of all respondents — 47 percent — said their feelings toward national Democrats make them less likely to vote for a Democrat in Georgia.

    I personally loved this quote from a respondent commenting on some financial troubles the Republican candidate for governor has:

    Cooper, 83, of Eatonton, said if anything, “it makes me want to vote for him more. It’s irrelevant. How can anyone handle their finances with the Democrats we’ve got?”

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  2. ponce says:

    It’s naive to think a party’s leadership cares if one of their members gets reelected by dissing them.

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  3. sam says:

    Yo, John, are you going to be a regular poster at OTB?

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  4. John Burgess says:

    I’m regularly irregular. My principle focus isn’t on the Beltway, inside or out, but on US-Saudi relations.

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  5. sam says:

    “I’m regularly irregular”

    My kind of guy :)

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