Tea Party Support At All-Time Low, Even Among Republicans And Conservatives

A new poll shows that the Tea Party movement is more unpopular than it has ever been before, even among Republicans and conservatives.

John Boehner’s Parting Words For His Critics Are Spot-On

John Boehner let loose on the “false prophets” on the right yesterday, and he’s absolutely right.

Top Senate Democrat: Democrats Should Not Have Focused On Obamacare in 2009, 2010

Sen. Charles Schumer says Democrats made a mistake by concentrating on getting health care reform passed instead of on fixing the economy.

Former Congressman’s Defamation Suit Against Pro-Life Group To Proceed

A somewhat surprising First Amendment decision arising out of the 2010 Elections.

The GOP Is Now Controlled By Its Conservative Base

More than any other time in the past, the GOP is now firmly under the control of its most conservative members.

So Much For “Repeal And Replace”

Whatever happened to the GOP’s promise to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act?

Quote of the Day, Ryan Plan Politics Edition

The bungled politics of the Ryan plan.

More on the Politics of Civility

More on the strategery of civility.

Michael Steele RNC Re-Election Likely?

The sitting RNC chairman is losing to a field of no-name candidates. Is he actually the favorite?

Whites Leaving Democratic Party

The Republicans are increasingly the party of white America. That’s short term good but long term bad for the GOP.

Christine O’Donnell Under Criminal Probe For Campaign Spending

Three months after the allegations were first made. the FEC has opened a criminal investigation of Tea Party Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell

Lame Duck Democrats Get Healed?

If Democrats had been this effective the previous two years, would they have lost as badly in November?

Ohio Congressman Sues Pro-Life Group After Election Defeat

Ohio Congressman Steve Driehaus is suing a pro-life PAC for “defamation” and “loss of livelihood” over its role in his defeat in the 2010 Elections.

Joe Miller Won’t Go Away

Joe Miller lost the Alaska Senate election by more than 10,000 votes but he’s still fighting.

Harry Reid Republicans

Incoming House Majority Leader Endorses Plan To Destroy Constitution

Incoming House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is speaking positively about an Amendment that would drastically alter the relationship between the Federal Government and the states, and a method of ratifying it that could do serious damage to the Constitution as a whole.

Joe Miller: From Alaska Maverick To Sore Loser

Nearly four weeks after Election Day, Alaska’s Joe Miller still won’t concede the inevitable.

Broder Misdiagnoses 2010 Election

David Broder, three weeks after the election, explains “What Murkowski’s write-in win says about the electorate.”

Only 46% Know Republicans Won the House

Only 46 percent of Americans know that Republicans will have a majority only in the House when the new Congress convenes in January.

Will The Class Of 2010 Repeat The Mistakes Of 1994?

The incoming freshman of the 112th Congress say that they won’t repeat the mistakes that Republicans made when they gained power sixteen years ago, but some of the advice they’re getting virtually guarantees it will happen if they aren’t careful.

Freshman GOP Congressman Upset At Lack of Health Insurance

Newly elected Rep. Andy Harris was aghast when told his health benefits wouldn’t kick in until 28 days after his swearing-in.

Heath Shuler To Democrats: It’s Time To Change Quarterbacks

Former Washington Redskins Quarterback, and current Congressman, Heath Shuler has launched a quixotic campaign against Nancy Pelosi for House Minority Leader.

Murkowski and DeMint: Bygones

Lisa Murkowski is still miffed that Jim DeMint backed Republican Joe Miller against her in the general election.