The Ten Worst Campaign Ads Of 2010

National Journal complies the list:

1) “Alan Grayson Saved Our Schools” — Alan Grayson, Florida 8th

2) “I’m You” — Christine O’Donnell

3) “Washington Joe” – NRSC ad against Joe Manchin, West Virginia Senate Race

4) “Why?” (aka “Aqua Buddha”) Jack Conway, Kentucky Senate Race

5) “No Mosque At Ground Zero” — Renee Elmers, North Carolina 2nd

6) “The Wave” — Sharron Angle, Nevada Senate Race

7) “Taliban Dan” — Alan Grayson, Florida 8th

8) “Hotdog” — Paul Hodes, New Hampshire Senate Race

9) “Introduce” — Earl Pomery, N. Dakota At-Large

10) “Leader” — Ken Buck, Colorado Senate Race

I was surprised at first that “I’m You” wasn’t first but after seeing that Alan Grayson ad, one can see that, yes, there is something worse than saying, “I’m not a witch.” Grayson also bears the dubious distinction of being the only candidate with two ads in the list.

Yesterday, National Journal and complied a list of the best ads of 2010.

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  1. reid says:

    I’m not sure how they measure “worst”, but I’d add Quayle’s ad where he called Obama the worst president ever.  Slimy pandering to the hateful base.

  2. michael reynolds says:

    I’m surprised to find myself agreeing that the Grayson ad is worse than the witch’s.
    I think it goes to the fundamental difference between a complete douche like Grayson, versus the almsot pity-inducing looniness of O’Donnell.  Somehow I see greater culpability in douches than in loons.
    Plus you just kind of have to love any ad that starts, “I am not a witch.”