Marco Rubio Easily Wins Florida Senate Primary

As expected, Marco Rubio easily won the primary for his Senate seat. The General Election battle, though, promises to be more difficult.

GOP Control Of The Senate At Risk As Trump Flounders

With Donald Trump floundering, there are a whole lot of nervous Republican Senators up for re-election.

Marco Rubio Decides He’s Running For Re-Election After All

Marco Rubio changes his mind, and drops the first hint that he’s already thinking about the Presidential race in 2020 or 2024.

Thank God For Negative Campaigning

Rather than being a bad thing, negative campaigning is an essential part of our political system.

Syria And The “Isolationist” Smear

Opposing interventionism and unnecessary and unwise military engagements is not isolationism.

No Whining On Team Hillary

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have much sympathy for her former aide’s inability to “have it all.”

Why Today’s GDP Numbers Should Scare You

There are signs that the economy is slowing down so quickly that we may inevitably drift into recession.

Charlie Cook: Change In Control Of House Unlikely

Absent something extraordinary, it’s unlikely that the GOP will lose control of the House.

Have They No Decency?

Why have so few Republicans stood up to condemn Allen West?

Another Round Of Hand-Wringing Over “Negative Campaigns”

Once again, the punditocracy is bemoaning the rise of so-called “negative campaigning.”

Is The Left Losing Patience With Obama?

Some on the left are upset with the President, but does it really matter?

Are Republicans Facing A Backlash Over Ryan Plan And Medicare Changes?

There are signs that the Ryan Plan isn’t playing well with the public.

Democratic Congressman Says He Will Introduce Bill To Ban “Crosshairs” Maps

The debate over heated political rhetoric has now led one Pennsylvania Congressman to suggest that some speech should be banned. This must stop now.

A Primary Challenge For Obama?

Even though it will likely be unsuccessful, a primary challenge against President Obama could end up harming him enough to hand Republicans the White House in 2012.

Tea Party = Racism?

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson takes a look at the Tea Party movement and claims to find racism.

Johnny Carson as Carnak Johnny Carson as Carnak

2010 Election Predictions

We’ve been talking about the 2010 elections since, oh, the day after the 2008 elections.   Now, it’s time for final predictions.

Slow Economic Growth: The New Normal?

Another round of GDP growth figures are out, and they show that the U.S. economy continues to grow far slower than necessary to sustain job growth. Is this a temporary problem, or something we can expect to live with for the foreseeable future?

In Defense Of “Negative” Ads

Once again, the political media is wringing it’s hands over “negative” ads. As usual, it’s all a bunch of nonsense.

Alan Grayson Digs Hole Even Deeper

Seems Grayson’s getting desperate.

Robert Gibbs Still Under Fire: Congressman Calls Him “Bozo The Spokesman”

Democrats are currently engaged in a circular firing squad.