An Open Letter to my Colleague, Doug Mataconis

Dear Doug:

I was a big supporter of James’ suggestion to add you to OTB. I’ve enjoyed your work here enormously.

That said, I have to express some concern about the sheer number of posts you’ve written about a certain reality TV star from the Great White North. I am afraid that if you’re not careful, something like this might happen to you, only with Sarah Palin in the John Malkovich role.

Consider this an intervention.

Might I suggest mixing it up a little? If you want to stick with the inter-party warfare, Michelle Bachmann is always there, ready and waiting. Or there’s always Peter King. Or Steve King. Or Mike Lee. Or I don’t know about you, but I still get 2-3 emails a day from the Christine O’Donnell campaign.

Or you could always cross the aisle. Joe Biden’s bound to have put his foot in his mouth on any given day. And of course there’s always Sheila Jackson Lee. And I’m sure Alan Grayson will try to get back into the limelight.

The bottom line: there’s plenty of comedy fodder all around!


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Alex Knapp
About Alex Knapp
Alex Knapp is Associate Editor at Forbes for science and games. He was a longtime blogger elsewhere before joining the OTB team in June 2005 and contributed some 700 posts through January 2013. Follow him on Twitter @TheAlexKnapp.


  1. narciso says:

    Since you can’t write about her, with any degree of fairness, even when you defended her against
    the more extreme implications, there was still some notion, that she deserved the charge, because she put Gifford’s seat, along with 59 others on a checklist?? really.

  2. Joe Carter says:

    Thank you, Alex, this was sorely needed. Mr. Mataconis is starting to become as Palin-obsessed as Andrew Sullivan.

  3. Boyd says:

    Glad to hear it being mentioned here. I thought I was the only one who thought that Doug is obsessed with Gov. Palin.

  4. Eph says:

    I’m glad people are starting to speak out about this. Very sad

  5. John Hannaford says:

    Palin moved to Canada? When, and how do we get her to move back?

  6. TG Chicago says:

    Mataconis posts about Palin a lot, true. But check out how many comments those threads get. It’s not all Mataconis’ fault that this blog is Palin-heavy.

  7. Eph says:


    For the same reason this thread will hardly get any posts.

  8. Socrates says:

    Well, Joe Carter is the expert on obsession. No matter the subject, he always seems to mention how much he dislikes Andrew Sullivan.

  9. gawaine says:

    Amen. I read Doug on his original site, too, and generally find him thought provoking, even when I disagree – except when he starts sounding like a slightly more sane Andrew Sullivan.

  10. Eph says:

    I’ll look for Doug to start pushing Obama more and bashing Palin less.

    Six of one – half dozen of another

  11. I’ll throw in with those who think Andrew Sullivan is in more need of an intervention on this issue than Doug.

  12. Boyd says:

    That may well be true, Steve. On the other hand, I couldn’t care less what Andrew Sullivan says, because I don’t read that blog. Since I’ve been reading OTB almost since its inception, I’m much more invested in what goes on here.

    So, talking about Andrew Sullivan in this thread sounds kinda like changing the subject.

  13. Eph says:

    “So, talking about Andrew Sullivan in this thread sounds kinda like changing the subject.”


    The Palin haters want to change the subject though.