Cold Fury Fisks a sandwich. I kid you not. An, um, taste:

So Arby̢۪s has been advo-ing this new sandwich in my area, and it Рwell, it kind of horrifies me, bottom line. It̢۪s the new Savory Homestyle Fresh-Cooked Oven Roasted Old Skool Grandma̢۪s Own Homemade Pot Roast Sandwich Food Product. Here̢۪s the spiel:

Fort Lauderdale, FL (April 18, 2003) РArby̢۪s, Inc, d/b/a Triarc Restaurant Group, announced today that the company is introducing a new Homestyle Pot Roast sandwich. In line with Arby̢۪s tradition of catering to the consumer with discriminating and mature tastes, the Homestyle Pot Roast sandwich is reminiscent of old-fashioned pot roast that mom used to make.

“Reminiscent.†Yeah, right. I suppose you could say it’s “reminscent†in the sense that it is in fact made from some sort of meat or meat product. I’m mildly surprised that my mom hasn’t called me in tears yet after seeing this commercial, begging for reassurance that her pot roast was never like this. I know pot roast. I’ve cooked pot roast. You, sir, are no pot roast.

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  1. Pot roast? Due, I like, um…got of get me some of that sh**. Legalize pot roast, man!