Armstrong Wins 7th Tour de France

Armstrong Ends Career With 7th Tour Win (AP)

One hand on his handlebars, the other holding a flute of champagne, Armstrong toasted his teammates as he pedaled into Paris to collect his crown. He held up seven fingers — one for each win — and a piece of paper with the number 7 on it.

His sixth win last year already set a record, putting Armstrong ahead of four other riders — Frenchmen Jacques Anquetil and Bernard Hinault, Belgian Eddy Merckx and Spaniard Miguel Indurain — who all won five Tours.

Armstrong’s new record of seven wins confirmed him as one of the greatest cyclists ever, and capped a career where he came back from cancer to dominate cycling’s most prestigious and taxing race.


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  1. M. Murcek says:

    And amazingly, there hasn’t been too much international animosity about the fact he’s an *gasp* American from *urk!* Texas – yet.

    The (groundless) doping rumors can now begin again.

    It was one hell of an achievement, and no, I’m not being sarcastic…

  2. the Pirate says:

    Begin? heck the rumors never ended.

    Great cyclist, yes. Greatest, not so much I would argue Merckx was better and would of won more than five Tours in addition to his wins on the other grand tours if it weren’t for one crazy frenchman.

  3. michael says:

    umm once again not really a big deal to me..its riding a bike..and one hears alot of nasty stuff about this guy but like teflon,,nothing seems to stick to him..

  4. kasfhfavn says:

    And amazingly, there hasn’t been too much international animosity about the fact he’s an gasp American from urk! Texas – yet.

    That’s because he was a huge John Kerry supporter in the last election–along with his girlfriend, the loose tart Sheryl Crow, who performed at numerous rallies.