Beltway Traffic Jam

The daily linkfest:

  • Craig Henry points out that Bill Clinton was great for himself but not his party.
  • Eugene Volokh ponders why he can’t find pictures of Lyndie England on Google but he can I Yahoo. (No word on why anyone would want any.)
  • Steven Taylor believes President Bush will not push for the gay marriage amendment.
  • Hugh Hewitt argues for making Arlen Specter Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • Steve Bainbridge argues against promoting Clarence Thomas.
  • David Wissing points out that the editors at the NYT are still morons.
  • Will Baude wonders whether blogging makes him more efficient. (Are you kidding me? -ed.)

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  1. PunditGuy says:

    New North America?
    Dems readjust the US/Canadian border.

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