Quorum Busting v. Filibustering

The funny thing is that the quorum-busting in WI is more like a filibuster ought to be: a true delaying tactic that eventually has to give way to a democratic outcome.

Putting a Price on Professors

There’s a trend toward using metrics to identify ways to stem the skyrocketing cost of higher education. The likeliest result is to devalue the “education” component.

All Republicans are RINOs (and all Democrats are DINOs).

Party labels are just names, as such all Republicans are Republicans in name only.

Worst Figures in American History

If you think Jimmy Carter is the Worst Figure in American History, you really need to read more.

Should Conservatives Be Embarrassed?

A growing number of conservatives are in dismay about the state of their movement.

SCOTUS Narrows ‘Honest Services’ Doctrine

Enron’s Jeffrey Skilling and media mogul Conrad Black got new life today from the Supreme Court, who ruled the use of the “honest services” doctrine against them unconstitutionally vague.

Andrew Sullivan Outed?

Mark Cuban vs. SEC

Obama Lost Confederacy

Potomac Primary Postmortem

Fifth Blogiversary

Feminist Meme

Lawsuit Mania