Bacon Bacon Bacon Restaurant Smells Like Bacon

A San Francisco bacon restaurant smells like bacon. Thankfully, a compromise has been reached.


Regular commenter Michael Reynolds alerted me to an epic scandal in the Bay Area. It appears to be on its way to peaceful resolution, however.

NBC Bay Area (“SF Bacon Restaurant Must Close Due to Aroma Issue“):

The bacon smell smelled so much of bacon that now, the bacon must go.

A San Francisco bacon restaurant — called Bacon Bacon — must shut its doors after neighbors’ complaints about the smell of bacon revealed a fatal permitting issue, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

Bacon Bacon, at 250A Frederick Street, will close its doors at the end of service Friday after its owner “failed” to negotiate with neighbors who took offense to the pork restaurant’s smell.

The smell led to the revelation that the restaurant lacked “proper health permits” last summer.

The restaurant may be able to secure a permit but the first time a hearing can be held is July. So the restaurant must close.

Three months deprived of delicious bacon because some dunderhead doesn’t love the smell of bacon? As I noted to Reynolds on Twitter, if the Republicans can find a way to blame this on Obama, they’ll finally have a scandal they can sink their teeth into. Reynolds agreed that it would be an impeachable offense. Alas, San Francisco’s bacon has been saved.

NBC Bay Area (“Reprieve for San Francisco Bacon Restaurant Facing Closure“):

The year-and-a-half-old Bacon Bacon in the Ashbury Heights neighborhood has been battling for its porky existence since some neighbors began complaining a while back about the bacon smell wafting their way.

“Depending on the wind patterns day to day, there were strong odors of bacon,” said attorney Ryan Patterson, who is representing a neighbor with sensory olfactory nerves. “This is a restaurant that specializes in bacon and is called Bacon Bacon — and it did smell like bacon.”

With dishes like fried chicken wrapped in bacon, bacon scones and a bacon bouquet (five bacon strips wrapped in paper), it’s not incomprehensible there would be a bacon smell.


Under the city’s deadline, the restaurant was set to shut down on Friday at 3 p.m. Owner Jim Angelus said he offered to install a $35,000 air filtration system, but was afraid to commit to the work if the city was going to shut him down anyway.

The neighbor’s opposition stood in the way of a Planning Department permit, which stood in the way of a Health Department permit. Supporters signed petitions, and finally, came down Friday to pig out one last time, walking past a chalkboard sign out front that read “Save Our Bacon.”

“I want to stay here because I’m not going to let a couple neighbors ruin what’s a great neighborhood,” Angelus said. “I live in this neighborhood, too.”

But as Angelus’ four employees wondered if they’d have jobs next week, Angelus received a call Friday – just after lunch – from his neighbor and Patterson. As they negotiated over speakerphone, the contingent finally reached a verbal deal. Angelus agreed to put in the filtration system, and the neighbor would drop his complaint.

“My client has offered to contribute money to make this happen,” Patterson said. “I think everyone is really happy about it.”

The deal had yet to be put into writing, and still required approval from the Planning and Health Departments.

But as he hung up the phone, Angelus illuminated a cautious smile. Then he headed back to the restaurant’s kitchen – there were bacon burritos to be made.

Is there anything more American than compromise? Other than bacon burritos, I mean.

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  1. OzarkHillbilly says:

    attorney Ryan Patterson, who is representing a neighbor with sensory olfactory nerves.

    Aren’t olfactory nerves sensory by definition?

    Also, more proof that Obama is a secret Muslim Kenyan Socialist.

  2. JKB says:


    Not to mention that isn’t that a unique descriptor to say someone has sensory olfactory nerves. The implication is the other people in the neighborhood are handicapped by being unable to smell due to nerve damage.

  3. JKB says:

    See, this is why we can never have Sharia law in the US. Bacon is the ultimate line of defense. People will put up with a lot of things but they’ll have to pry the bacon from our cold dead hands, well slip as your had will be covered bacon grease. And it is a multi-tiered defense, if bacon were to fall there would be pork bbq to stem the tide, then carnitas, then chops and hams. And believe me, you can do a lot of damage with a aged country ham. That is one tough meat.

  4. JKB says:

    I love this place, Bacon Bacon, but only know it through their website. I love the sandwich name below, The L.G.B.T. And they have another, a turkey sandwich, which, wait for it, had chicken fried bacon. Chicken fried bacon, it’s time has come.

    Plus, if you look at their merchandise page, they have a t-shirts, “You had me at bacon” Best part the men’s comes in black and pink. The women’s only in pink. Ah, San Francisco.

    THE L.G.B.T.
    Little Gem Lettuce, Five Strips of Bacon and Organic Tomato with Herbed Goat Cheese Spread on Pullman Toast

  5. gVOR08 says:

    if Republicans can find a way to blame this on Obama, they’ll finally have a scandal they can sink their teeth into. Reynolds agreed that it would be an impeachable offense. Alas, San Francisco’s bacon has been saved.

    Spot on James, the Republicans in a nutshell, “We’d impeach Obama over the _____ if only we could prove he had anything to do with the ______; and if the _____ actually existed.”

  6. Barfour says:

    This is why I envy Americans and wonder why you fight childishly over petty things taxes, spending, the debt ceiling, gun control and such. You Americans have abundant, almost free bacon. Life in America is almost like in heaven. Do you know that there are some places that bacon doesn’t exist? Think about it.