Baltimore’s Barney Fife

For cop, a rump shot not jump shot

An off-duty Baltimore police detective was charged yesterday in connection with a gunshot that startled college basketball fans during a Maryland-Wake Forest game and left him wounded in the rear end.

Darren I. Sanders, described as a friend of Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, is accused of bringing a concealed pistol into Greensboro Coliseum, where the gun accidentally discharged late Friday night.


The pistol went off when the detective sat down after standing up to cheer, police said. He had adjusted the handgun, which did not have a manual safety, in its holster.

Witnesses reported hearing a loud pop and said they smelled gunpowder. The game, which the Terrapins won 87-86, was interrupted briefly.

From now on, he best keep that bullet in his pocket.

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James Joyner
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