Barack Obama Leaves Bill Clinton In Charge

There was a truly surreal moment in the White House Briefing Room today when former President Clinton stopped by to endorse President Obama’s tax cut deal:

Former president Bill Clinton made a highly unusual appearance at the White House Friday afternoon, emerging from a meeting with President Obama to endorse the tax-cut agreement Obama reached this week with congressional Republicans.

“The agreement taken as a whole is I believe the best bipartisan agreement we can reach,” Clinton said in the White House briefing room with Obama standing beside him. Clinton’s backing could help Obama persuade many in his party who are currently opposing the agreement.

The scene was remarkable. The two presidents appeared at the podium together. Obama then left for a meeting, while Clinton remained, taking questions in a news conference carried live on CNN.

“You’re in good hands,” Obama said.

Clinton then spoke for more than 25 minutes. He seemed to be enjoying himself, repeatedly taking questions after White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said “last question.”

“I am happy to be here when the bullets that are fired are unlikely to hit me,” he joked. “I’m glad to be here because I think the president made a good decision and because I want my country to do well.”

Honestly with Obama out of the room and Clinton at that podium fielding questions like it was 1996 again,  I wonder how many people forget for just a second that Barack Obama is the one who’s the President.

Update: Drudge says it all:

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  1. anjin-san says:

    Two smart Presidents from the same party in the one room. No danger of the GOP being able to reproduce this.

    Interesting that Obama, who the right has continually tried to portray as a narcissistic egomaniac, had no problem turning over the spotlight to someone who’s accomplishments eclipse his own.

  2. General Electric's BIG DOG says:

    The GOP wouldn’t be stupid enough to reproduce this. Obama walks away because Michele “needs” him and lets Clinton talk for 25 minutes. Obama has no idea how to lead and is losing the public’s faith. He called upon Bill to rescue him and then ditched the conference. He is a no-nothing president who fortunately will not be re-elected.