Battlestar Galactica Ticket?

Googling to figure out who Brea Grant, who plays the new fast chick on Heroes, is, I stumbled across this photo montage on her blog about how much John McCain looks like Michael Hogal, who plays Colonel Tigh on BSG, under the heading “But how will he fight cylons AND run for president AND fix the economy at the same time?

John McCain and Michael Hogan: Separated at birth?

John McCain and Michael Hogan: Separated at birth?

The discussion in the comments section traces it to a January post from Adam Pieniazek but this is the first I’ve seen it.

Michael Doyle (no relation, so far as I know, to Jerry Doyle of Babylon 5 fame) takes it further, observing a passing similarity between Sarah Palin and Mary McDonnell in her Laura Roslin guise:



Closing the loop, Graeme McMillan finds this on Craigslist:

The parallels continue! McCain is a military man who spent time in a Vietnam prison camp, the character of Col. Tigh is a military man who spent time in a Cylon prison camp. Sarah Palin comes from a family of school teachers, the character of Laura Roslin was school teacher before becoming Secretary of Education (and then later President).

As has been noted here and elsewhere, the better pop culture parallel is between this election and the fictional one the last season of “West Wing.”  But this is at least mildly amusing.

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  1. Does this mean that John McCain is a Cylon ?

  2. capital L says:

    Does this mean that a President Obama would be as successful as Baltar?

  3. Derrick says:

    For any non-BSG fans, let’s just say that Col. Tigh’s reign as head of the fleet didn’t go so well. Being angry and a raging lunatic weren’t really good leadership traits. But I guess we know that if the opportunity rises, McCain might have no trouble putting his country before his wife.

  4. treya says:

    Michael Hogan is way hotter than John McCain. Mary McDonnell is way hotter than Sarah Palin. Enough with the comparisons. It’s not even a legit comparison because Col. Saul Tigh is Adama’s XO! Tigh has nothing to do with Laura Roslin’s administration. So comparing the XO of a Battleship to a Senator running for Prez is pure cheese. Not to mention, Laura Roslin has a far greater grip on what’s going on than Sarah Palin. Palin is so wet behind the ears I am surprised her glasses don’t slip off every once and a while. But most of all, to hear Sarah Palin talk is pure torture, whereas to hear Laura Roslin—better yet, to hear MARY MCDONNELL talk is proof that some of the smartest women in the world prefer to stay AWAY from the political arena.

  5. Obama A. Nazi says:

    I’d take Cylon Tigh over traitor Obama Baltar any day of the week.

  6. Floyd says:

    So where’s the pictures of Michelle and Chewbacca[Star Wars],

    Barack and Guy Smiley[Sesame Street],or

    Joe and Walter [Jeff Dunham’s ventriloquist dummy] ???

  7. Floyd says:

    One more,[a gross insult to McCain]…
    Anybody ever see McCain and Howard Dean in the same room at the Same time? [thought not!][lol]

  8. Thanks for the shout-out!

    It is quite scary how much McCain looks like Tigh and Palin looks like Roslin…

    Somehow, I see a character very much resembling Obama emerging in the final season as the one man left on the battered earth.