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James Joyner
About James Joyner
James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. “Open Source” Amendments?

    Hell, it’s worth a shot.

    Stephen Macklin has drafted his own constitutional amendment in answer to the Supreme Court’s decision that the government can seize personal property for basically any bloody reason it likes. I don’t think it has the sl…

  2. Another Day, Another Apology?

    A very brief Fox news story reports that once again The Future Former Senator from Illinois has apologized, this time to a VFW convention in Peoria. The only quote from the convention in the story is, “I think when you’ve done something hu…

  3. School Choice–Wreaking Havoc, Illiteracy and Stup

    School Choice, accountiblity goes a long way–as does choice. Just look to New Zealand for a radical model.

  4. Money News: Interest-Only Mortgages Growing Wildly

    The June 27 issue of Business Week talks about the risk in interest-only loans on homes (where you only pay the interest, no principal, for a set period of time).

  5. says:

    This Week’s Winner

    First saw this at Blogrel and knew it was an instant winner in the ongoing, semi-regular chronicling of what happens when one gets too much oil on the brain. Really, it’s an absolute piece of work. It’s condescending and loaded with conspiracy-theori…

  6. Is the Left Trying to Make Us to Fail in Iraq?

    If I read the tea leaves right, it looks like the military is being set up to fail in Iraq.

  7. Pulitzer Prize for Fraud

    The Sacramento Bee just disclosed their investigation into the writing of one of their long-time columnists Diana Griego Erwin. Ms. Griego Erwin won a Pulitzer Prize in 1986 when she wrote for the Denver Post. I give the Bee credit for doing such a tho…

  8. Summer of the …?

    Man, I cannot wait till the hysteredia brings us the climactic conclusion in two years: Shark Vs. Pit Bull: The Reckoning (tagline: “People were only the appetizer”).

  9. Hard Drive Advice

    I’ve owned my Compaq desktop (“The Mothership”) for about one year. It has a 160gb hard drive I keep all…

  10. Shame on the VA Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota

    A message…a large public message…needs to be given to the VA Hospital in Minneapolis Minnesota regarding the needs of injured soldiers and their families. Their lack of family support, along with a COMPLETE lack of volunteer services regarding sold…

  11. Ronald Reagan Wins: Greatest American

    It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised for a change. The Discovery Channel has chosen Ronald Reagan as its “Greatest American.” I blogged earlier about my skepticism about a list that included Michael Moore and Madonna. But the final list is…

  12. Carnival of Personal Finance #2

    Welcome to Blueprint for Financial Prosperity and the second Carnival of Personal Finance! Started last week by the esteemed Flexo at Consumerism Commentary, this Carnival is designed to highlight the cream of the crop of articles published by your fav…

  13. MIT Blogger Survey

    Here is a request from MIT to all bloggers:

    The larger our sample is, the better chance we have of being unbiased. Help us spread the word, and have your friends with weblogs take the survey as well!

  14. Breyer on the Fence

    From the moment I heard that Justice Breyer was the key vote in the split decisions by the Supreme Court in the Ten Commandments cases, I knew I would find his reasoning intriguing. Now, there is a good bit of mental gymnastics in his opinion and it i…

  15. Point Five says:

    NASA to Blow Up Comet “Just Because”

    NASA scientists announced today plans to explode the comet Temple 1. After admitting that obliterating the comet would serve no scientific purpose, NASA scientist John Berry explained, “You have to understand…

  16. Bad Example says:


    In the comments to this Mother of All Apologies by Gerard of American Digest, TmjUtah of Three Rounds Brisk has the right idea. A million years ago I told a Gunnery Sergeant that I was sorry for something I’d bollixed….

  17. My World

    I had a heated argument this morning with the new clerk working at the Jackson Avenue number 2 and 5 station, a few steps away from my apartment. I asked for a metrocard but he totally ignored me. He was sitting on a chair, eyes closed, chatting on t

  18. Can Steve Verdon’s audience pass third grade math?

    Steve Verdon – an author for the popular Outside the Beltway blog and his blog Deinonychus Antirrhopus thinks I’m moonbatty (and Michelle Malkin for that matter – I’m happy with the company I keep). At least that’s what he’s telling the troops at D…

  19. Now this is torture

    I have a message to all of the people who think what we are doing to detainees in Gitmo (like reading Harry Potter to the Bad Guys) is torture.