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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Point Five says:

    Shuttle In Last Place In JD Power Quality Survey

    An embarrasing setback occurred yesterday for NASA technicians readying the shuttle Discovery for launch when a temporary window covering fell off, damaging some of the heat-resistant tiles on the tail. Although quickly repaired, the mishap caps a lo…

  2. basil's blog says:

    Supreme Court Nominee

    I’ve been quite busy this week. There’s been an opening on the Supreme Court. You might have read about it. Anyway, seems a bunch of crazy liberals have got their panties in a wad over who the President might

  3. We Don’t Hate Religion, Just Christianity

    Unlike many other government decisions, things that are prohibited by the Constitution cannot be changed by the will of the people, any more than the voters of Los Angeles could vote to close all the synagogues or all the mosques

  4. Terrorism as a disease

    ParaPundit links to an article in Nature from economist Mike Spagat and physicist Neil Johnson in which the authors suggest that the conflicts in Iraq and Colombia follow a mathematical power law which matches that found for long term conflicts…

  5. The Knuckleheads of the Day award

    Today the award goes to the Palm Beach Post newspaper and its editorial board. For both their ill-informed and hysteria producing editorial on a veto by Gov. Jeb Bush.

    It all began two days ago when Meghan Meyer wrote a article about State legislato…

  6. Blogathon 2005

    Blogathon 2005 is getting here rapidly. The date is August 6, 2005 starting at 9:00 EST and lasting for 24 hours. I am still soliciting suggestions for the charity I should choose to support during this event. You can add your suggestions in the comme…

  7. JACK ARMY says:

    Iraqi General: Saddam Harbored 4,000 Terrorists o

    Iraqi Lt. General Abdul Qader Jassim told the “Voices of Soldiers” Truth Tour delegation that these Iraqi-trained terrorists were designed to undermine Iraq’s enemies, most specifically Israel and Iran. Jassim also said that many of…

  8. Moonbattery says:

    America’s Hiroshima

    Whether or not the recent reports in WorldNetDaily regarding an imminent nuclear attack by al Qaeda are true, just the fact that they very conceivably might be should be enough to wake up someone in our government other than Tom…

  9. HuffPo At Two Months

    Well I gave the Huffington Post a shot. I go there regularly to read the stories and leave lots of comments, so I guess I have as much experience with the place as anyone. After 2 months I gotta say that most of the bloggers there are no-names that h…

  10. Kass on a Possible Resolution to the Stem Cell Debate

    In the Tuesday 12 July edition of The Washington Post, Leon Kass writes in “A Way Forward on Stem Cells”
    about the debate over how much latitude to allow scientists who study embryonic stem cells (ES cells), the partisans on each side of t…

  11. white pebble says:

    Dear BBC

    In the course of avoiding packing my suitcase in order to leave London in the morning, I was just watching your evening news broadcast. I’m offering my assistance in order to straighten out, as we Yanks say, your newscaster.
    He’s an awful…

  12. Math or Political Correctness??

    Excuse me? In a Math Class, the teaching of Math is “Priority No. 2”?!?If this isn’t a prime example of the liberal bias and forced instruction of our children, I don’t know what is.

  13. Blog Camouflage

    Most blogs want to stand out from others. However, some blogs don’t mind blending in. That’s why File it Under presents RovouflageTM

  14. Our warped justice system again

    Here is another chronicling of judicial and prosecutorial incompetence. Murderers and drug dealers are getting set free because of a typo. What is wrong with our justice system? Are any of these judges going to feel safe today with these scum on the st…

  15. Is Harry Potter Worth This Ruckus?

    Seriously, is any book really worth all this trouble?

    At each of’s five order-fulfillment centers, for example, the books are kept in a restricted area that workers need a special pass to enter, where they are watched by security guar…

  16. […] An embarrasing setback occurred yesterday for NASA technicians readying the shuttle Discovery for launch when a temporary window covering fell off, damaging some of the heat-resistant tiles on the tail. Although quickly repaired, the mishap caps a long series of setbacks and problems for the aging shuttle fleet. The shuttle falls below the dreadful Mercedes E-Class in initial quality Now comes word that the prestigious JD Power Inital Quality Survey has ranked the shuttle dead last, below such problem-causers as the Mercedes-Benz E Class and the Nissan Quest. “This is a real black eye for NASA,” said Waylon Post, a science writer with the Houston Press-Examiner. “They’ve been working overtime to create the first truly non-exploding shuttle, but even just sitting still on the launch platform, the thing seems to have an innate desire to come apart.” Besides the temporary window problem, JD Power cites frequently problematic toilets, lackluster braking, poorly designed driver instrumentation, and frequent disintegration, as among the shuttle’s problems. NASA, for their part, has tried to quell public fears by completely redesigning many of the systems on the aging shuttle fleet, and by replacing the crew of trained astronauts with the cast of Bravo’s Being Bobby Brown. “If there is to be a problem on this mission, we’re trying to make sure there’s an upside in the tragedy. Nobody wants to see astronauts die.” Still, the general concensus was that “the exploration of space must go on,” although it was unclear what new insights the low-earth orbit reachable by the shuttle could offer. Tasks on this mission include testing to see if bananas still peel into three strips in reduced gravity, and several days of photography contracted by Google Maps. Get The Real Story: Linked on Mudville , Basil’s, and Outside The Beltway. […]

  17. Oh My God! Somebody Call Amnesty International!

    The AP, as posted on, is reporting that the U.S. abused detainees at Guantanamo Bay. A top Senate Democrat says:

    “It is clear from the report that detainee mistreatment was not simply the product of a few rogue military police in a night s…

  18. “” – Go Visit the Site!

    Ok, so I have lots of little banners on the side of my blog. ‘Help This House’ ( is one of them. Go visit the site. It can’t be any worse than “saving Toby”. And at least you’ll have something tangible for your efforts…or so t…

  19. State Democratic Leader to Step Aside

    Seems that Redding Pitt has finally given into his Critics, and is planning on stepping down as the Alabama Democratic Party Chairman.

    Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Redding Pitt, who took considerable criticism for his party’s lackluster pe…

  20. I’m Wide Awake, it’s the Liberals Asleep at the Switch

    So our Canadian government is telling us to wake up to the threat of terror attacks. Well I’m already awake while Anne McLellan keeps rolling over and hitting the snooze button. (Yiikes what a frightening image)

    We could spend our entire feder…

  21. a4g says:

    Sorry for the double ping, James. I’m trying to set up my new (non-blogger) site, and I guess WordPress automatically sends pings. Cool, but unexpected.

  22. Reasoned Audacity on CNN — the Cable Industry and Indecency

    I didn’t know that the CNN show that I taped awhile back did finally make it on air. Today I stumbled across a transcript over at that Amanda Toering has posted under “Stupidity Affects Us All.” The “stupidity”…

  23. James Joyner says:

    a4g: Yes, WP sends something called a “pingback” to blogs enabled to receive them.

  24. Ethiopians protest in Atlanta.

    Last week, approximately 3000 Ethiopian Diasporans rallied in Atlanta to support freedom in their homeland. They marched from the Carter Center to the CNN Center.
    An election was held in May, but results have still not been made public and the curre…

  25. Stupidity Affects Us All