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James Joyner
About James Joyner
James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Enemy Within Part II (A Terrorist’s Best Friend)

    In 1985, the ACLU learned of an alleged plan by the CIA to engineer Qaddafi’s overthrow. Outraged, they put together a “strenuous” public protest against this proposed action.

  2. JACK ARMY says:

    Sniper Van: Body Armor Works Update

    The van which the AIF sniper team used was modified to conceal the shooters presence and to make it easier to evade capture. With the absence of the rear window and the attachment of the window screen the cameraman/spotter and sniper were able to con…

  3. Dirty Kafir says:

    ‘Dear Democrats’ by John Roberts

    Last night during the press conference my wife told me what tie to wear and what kind of smile I must have when the President called me a genious. I am a genious, but I should too be able to decide if I want to wear my favorite Star Wars tie. I am afte…

  4. Point Five says:

    Dem Dirty Tricks in Roberts Nomination

    A broken fax machine in DNC headquarters delayed Democrat talking points receipients from “formulating their own opinions” on the John Roberts nomination last night. The delay gave Republican spokespeople a slight edge in the opening salvo of what pr…

  5. says:

    Trivia Tidbit Retrospective, Part II.

    First off, gargantuan thanks go out to the fantastical guest bloggers from File It Under blog and Am I A Pundit Now? blog. And thanks to Ian Pittman for posting my pre-packaged trivia tidbits for me on Saturday and Sunday….

  6. Senatorial Incompetence in New York

    I am becoming more and more convinced, that New Yorkers enjoy having incompetent Senators. Look at Schumer, if the President says that he likes chocolate cake, Schumer will be on national television stating why he thinks chocolate cake is bad for Ame…

  7. Best Blog Name

    The Executioner’s Thong

  8. Blogathon 2005 Charities II

    My original plan was to write and post this last night. Some news event popped up that prevented that. Again, unless otherwise noted the quotes are from the charities web site. With that said, here is some information on The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fun…


  10. Claim Of French Ancestry Might Assure Judicial Confirmation For Roberts

    In what many political pundits are calling a brilliant tactical maneuver, the Republican Party is reportedly circulating information that conservative Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts can trace his bloodlines back to the early Gallic peoples. Very…

  11. Who Needs an Education?

    Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) was the primary sponsor of an amendment to some law or another that requires Federal employees to attend educational sessions about the U.S. Constitution. The law also requires schools receiving federal funds to provide a pro…

  12. Top 10 Signs Your Co-worker Is a Terrorist

    8. The FBI caters your company picnic

  13. James Doohan, 1920-2005

    Instapundit get’s it wrong. REST IN PEACE, JAMES DOOHAN. I’ll raise a glass of Saurian brandy to him tonight. While Scotty could drink like a fish and indeed enjoyed his alien brandys, I think it more appropriate to raise…

  14. Early Figures Indicate That Talk Radio Decline Is Real

    BizzyBlog had a two-part excursion into talk-radio ratings analysis in late April (here and here) and opined that bloggers and blog readers might be eating into talk radio’s audience.
    Well it’s still early, but the final second quarter fi…

  15. It Can Only Be Attributable To Human Error

  16. Les Jones says:

    Fantastic Four Linkage

    I was a comic book fiend as a kid, so I invariably watch the movie adaptations. I haven’t caught FF yet, because with the baby I don’t see a lot of first-run movies, but I’ll see it sooner or later. Ace of Spades has a well-written review. I really…

  17. And the big winner is … Bob Byrd

    … which means the big winner in all this is Bob Byrd. He gets credit for ending that ridiculous filibuster-nuclear option (coined by Trent Lott — these people take themselves way too seriously), which ironically Byrd helped instigate.

  18. white pebble says:

    But I know what I like

    [Playing: Michi from the album “Sacred Journey of Kukai” by Kitaro]
    Seriously, I do know something about art. And I know what I like. And I bloody well hate conceptual art.
    What brings this on is arriving at the local coffeehouse (mentio…

  19. Cao's Blog says:

    Leftists whine “FBI deploying Big Brother Tactics”

    Oh my. It’s an outrage! The leftist organizations that have been pegged as domestic terror organizations and are being defended by the ACLU have their little designer panties in a bunch about the FBI pegging them as domestic terror organizations. E…

  20. Debra Lafave to Claim Insanity

    Emotional Stress Led Florida Teacher to have Sex with 14 year-old

    Seems like a good defense to me. A woman that good-looking who isn’t bonking Jude Law or Brad Pitt or the local equivalent must not be hitting on all six cylinders. Her lawyer a…

  21. Never Use A Random ATM

    Dateline NBC did an investigative report back in Dec. 2003 about ATM scams and you’ve probably seen these scam warnings before online… but just because they’ve garnered national attention doesn’t mean these methods aren’t …

  22. A “Chill Wind” in Sudan

    I’m confident that these reporters will quickly recover from the emotional trauma and go back to being outraged about the Bush administration’s “manipulation of the press” and “heavy-handed bullying” of those with whom they disagree.

  23. […] When Point Five asked about the difficult of changing a lifetime’s worth of records for the two men, we were met with a blank stare. “Changing whaaa?” The Democrat Meltdown Meter, buried deep within an “undisclosed location,” inches ever closer to red with the announcement of John G Roberts as Bush’s SCOTUS pick. Get The Real Story:Linked on Mudville and OTB « On The Space Shuttle Launch Delay Video Image of Roman Polanski To Be Extradited » function openSpellChecker() { // get the textarea we’re going to check var txt = document.getElementById(‘comment’); // give the spellChecker object a reference to our textarea // pass any number of text objects as arguments to the constructor: var speller = new spellChecker( txt,”” ); // kick it off speller.openChecker(); } […]