Beltway Traffic Jam

As you read this, I’m boarding a train for Manhattan, where the fiance and I are headed to celebrate her birthday.

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James Joyner
About James Joyner
James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Learning the Wrong Lesson

    In an article published a few days ago titled Learning From Lance, NY Times Op-Ed Columnist Thomas Friedman, who is usually sensible about these things, goes completely off the deep end.

  2. Kennedy Criticizes Roberts, Millions Shocked

    bRight & Early is SupportingFreedom Alliance in Blogathon 2005Please Register and Donate
    From the AP
    Criticism from Sen. Edward Kennedy (Embarassment-US) was the toughest talk yet from Senate Democrats about President Bush’s first pick fo…

  3. Scott in CA says:

    Don’t wear a heavy coat and a backpack, James.

  4. Don Surber says:

    ABC’s New “Hit” Bombed 20 Years Ago

    Wow. Cutting edge. Except it is not the new show for fall 2005 starring Genna Davis. That cutting edge ABC show is called “Commander in Chief”.
    The show I am talking about is “Hail to the Chief,” ABC’s cutting edge show from 1985.

  5. Caught On Tape

    The four would-be suicide bombers of the botched July 21 attacks in London have a big problem.

  6. Point Five says:

    “Harry Potter” Publisher to Sign John Roberts

    Supreme Court nominee John Roberts has entered into contract negotiations with Arthur A. Levine Books. The publisher became interested in Roberts as a hot literary property after the White House announced that 75,000 pages of John Roberts’ docu…

  7. The ACLU and Its Opposition To S. 1088

    Senate Bill S. 1088, The Streamline Procedures Act of 2005, is somewhat offensive to the lunatic bats at the ACLU. Why? They seem to have their panties in a twist over the provisions relating to writs of habeas corpus.

  8. 70% Of French Choose Islamofascists As Aggressors Of Choice

    In keeping with the national French policy of preemptive surrender, The Louvre Museum in Paris recently accepted a $20 million donation from billionaire Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talal for a new Islamic Art Wing. Talal was at the center of

  9. Arrests made in Flag vandalism case in Ohio

    I blogged earlier this week about the disgusting incident in Ohio where Flags were burned at the home of recently deceased Marine. An arrest was made yesterday.

  10. Maybe a Shuttle Launch in 2005

    Writing has taking my mind off current, personal events. I think of weblogging as comfort food for my mind. I’m…

  11. Bad Medicine: The Mess That Is Medicare

    With all the talk of reforming Social Security of late, Medicare has been called the white elephant in the room that no one wants to see. As Dean Reese of Today’s Democracy and The Wide Awakes has recently written, there are troubling financial …

  12. Is The Space Shuttle The Best That America Can Do?

    I began writing this post a few hours ago. Then I shelved it. Now it is back. I was going to give background on my interest in space and a brief history of NASA. But the post got too long and unconnected. So I am going to cut to the chase.
    We need NA…

  13. A Modest Proposal On Kelo

    The Supreme Court’s recent Kelo decision, which allowed government takings for transfer of private ownership, has surprised and alarmed people across the political spectrum. So much so that left is talking to right in Congress, in trying to pass a

  14. Official Paul Hackett Campaign Security Blanket (Guest Cartoon-UPDATED)

    BizzyBlog supplement:
    – Second Hackett Video STILL opens with SAME Bush footage: HERE (at Dem Bloggers)
    – Cease and Desist Request Made by Ohio GOP
    – USAT article on Hackett (quote is halfway through; BizzyBlog has previously noted the second half o…

  15. Securing Our Subways

    Michael Chertoff has an article today called Securing Our Subways. Reading it, however, makes it painfully clear that we can’t. His three items to improve security are: intercept sleeper cells, not to focus solely on subways and buses, and enc…

  16. CAFTA Effects on Alabama

    Since Matt is slacking on posting here on his BLOG, I am going to be posting to keep new content here, this is from Politics In Alabama, which I am the author of.
    In a recent article on AL.Com, much of the effects or lack of effects on CAFTA in Alab…

  17. Michele says:

    Welcome to NYC! I hope you enjoy your stay and that your fiance is able to have an enjoyable birthday in spite of the weather.

    As for searches… no need to worry, anti-profiling measures only take place Mon-Fri. BTW, a requirement to search women’s bags is that they be young and pretty. If you’re still here Monday let us know how she does.

  18. Think about this – UPDATED (again) – Michael Graham & Islam

    If the Boy Scouts of America had 1,000 scout troops, and 10 of them practiced suicide bombings, then the BSA would be considered a terrorist organization. If the BSA refused to kick out those 10 troops, that would make the case even stronger. If people…

  19. The 48th Pays Its Respects

    The Georgia Army National Guard?s 48th Brigade Combat Team gathered on Thursday to pay their respects to four of the brothers who died earlier in the week. Among the brave men who died defending freedom while overseas are:Staff Sgt. Carl

  20. Imam Yahya Hendi Talks to Laura

    Friday on Laura Ingraham’s radio show she talked to Imam Yahya Hendi. As part of the Fiqh Council of North America, Hendi issued an Islamic religious ruling (also known as a fatwa) against terrorism. Some people have taken a dim…

  21. People ARE Stupid

    As some of my returning readers might remember, I occasionally complain when politicians do something that shows their utter contempt for people, and indicates how stupid they think you are. However, I think I’m learning that they really are right….

  22. Liberty Call

    Photo: PHAN Knoell OPEN POST: Off-topic comments and trackbacks are welcome.Other link-fests at The Jawa Report, OTB, Mudville, and Basil’s….

  23. Soldiers Angels Founder Patti Patton-Bader On My Next Podcast!

    Turns out for my feedburner I need to have just one podcast link in a post – it takes the first link only! The things I’m learning…

    So for those of you that want to syndicate my blog for your iTunes and listening to my podcasts through RSS here’…

  24. The Problem With Independent “Kurdistan”

    “In the comments section of a recent Belmont Club post some commentators lamented our failure to set up an independent Kurdistan. Said one:

    “I too think America missed a good opportunity to create a true ally in the middle east by creating a Kurdi…

  25. Frist Folly

    Senator Bill Frist What’s the difference between an organ donor and a human embryo? The answer is life and death. In fact, the difference between an organ donor and an embryo is radically significant, but apparently the Majority Leader…

  26. Cao's Blog says:

    Kill Bush and leftist pro-assassins

    If this picture has your attention, this is the kind of stuff the leftists are putting up about Bush at their websites. They are directly promoting violence towards Bush. The amazing thing is…for WHAT? Bush isn’t a dictator. Bush was E…

  27. Fool me once, shame on you…

    Alright, boys and girls, get out a sheet of paper and a no. 2 pencil. It’s time for a quiz. Don’t worry, it’s a simple one. Who are the following people talking about? He’s a scholarly man; he has a

  28. Politics Forum Blog

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