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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. You’ve Got Money! Finding Hidden Cash

    Who would like a little more cash in their pockets? Did I just hear everyone yell, me!? I thought so. That’s why I wanted to share this article with you from Yahoo that lists ways to find hidden cash. Here’s

  2. Don Surber says:

    “Kirk Out”

    What do you get the Trekkie who has everything? And I am thinking of Basil in that Other Charleston here.

  3. Neo-Creationists Deceptions

    Well I guess I should be happy that they at least admit that they take the writings, comments, and speechs of biologists out of context and abuse them for their own purposes.

    Who’s to blame for this mess? Maybe biologists themselves, at least in…

  4. Moose Outside Lincoln Memorial

    Here’s a pic of me outside the Lincoln Memorial (note: click on the picture to enlarge it). Update: Linking to the Beltway Traffic Jam.

  5. The World Hardened Their Hearts Against Israel

    I was browsing the Israel Today website and came upon this brief article entitled, “Hardened Hearts”. It struck me so much that I had to read it. I’m hoping you will read it think about why is it that we protect Israel? Why is it tha…

  6. Freedom of the Press–Well Not So Much

    When the Freedom of the Press is not so free according to the FEC.


    It’s in the choice of words, but you decide.. is American Civil Liberties Union chief Joe Cook calling the Tangipahoa Parish School Board members a bunch of terrorists?
    Cook was asked about a meeting Monday, during which the school board spoke…

  8. A Story That Works On Two Levels: Terry Gilliam’s Revenge

  9. Murdoch/NY Post Soft on Hillary

    Those who make brutalizing statements about others typically give them in terms which indict themselves.
    The New York Times is calling Clinton and Murdoch “An Unlikely Alliance” by pointing to the way it’s nemisis, the New York P…

  10. Immigration And Securing The Borders

    For the past several weeks, the town of Herndon, Virginia has been in the news over a proposal before the City Council to build a shelter for illegal immigrant day laborers to gather daily as they look for work. As you can expect, the debate has been h…

  11. Embezzlement? We Ain’t Got No Stinkin’ Embezzlement

    Radio host Al Franken recently proclaimed the topic of Air America Radio’s alleged theft of $875,000 from the Gloria Wise Boys Girls Club as boring. He then went on to dismiss the calls for an investigation into former AAR chairman

  12. Hanging Out With Glenn Reynolds at Hooters

    To celebrate my birthday, some notable bloggers took me out to eat last night. I took a picture to prove that Michelle Malkin and Glenn Reynolds are not the same person. Basil wanted to eat at Hooters because he said the “wings” were good. It was a f…

  13. NIF says:

    Beating Dead Horses

    Today’s dose of NIF – News, Interesting & Funny … Hump Day!

  14. I Call BS First!

    I listened to an NPR story on the way home yesterday about China purchasing an old Russian aircraft carrier. The main thrust of the story was trying to determine why the ChiComs bought a carrier and if it could be retrofitted and made operational agai…

  15. Bush to Hand Over New Mexico, Arizona, and West Texas to Mexico

    President Bush has agreed to hand over New Mexico, Arizona and parts of West Texas to Mexico in an effort to ease tensions between the two countries and stop the infiltration and disruption caused by illegal Mexian immigrants, sources inside the admin…

  16. Immigration, Legal or Not? Polling Hispanics on Hispanics

    A Washington Times article today reveals data from three different polls that are somewhat surprising: Mexicans of all economic classes (not just the poor) want to flock to the United States, while significant numbers of Hispanic U.S. citizens are rat…

  17. The rise of the immigration issue

    Rush asked a good question on his show today…when did “illegal aliens” become “undocumented immigrants”?? I didn’t get that memo? Did any of you? Another case of one side in the debate trying to shape the debate by altering the…

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  19. Pod People

    Since I’m still on vacation I’m not beholden to writing about the news of the day. It’s August and other…

  20. Irritible Male Syndrome?

    Apparently, I’m turning into a cranky old goat: How Cranky Are You?:
    Your score is: 44
    26-49. Suggests some indications of IMS. You may want to take the quiz again to see if things improve or get worse.
    This is a quiz for “male menopaus…

  21. At What Cost?

    Re-enlisting to fight for and defend your country, and freedom worldwide –

  22. Great Fishing!

    The fishing results: no fish.

    If you think that is the whole story, stop reading right now.

    It was a busy day. Church until 12:30 or so. Get home, change, and take the boys to visit a friend whose wife just passed away. We couldn’t stay long….

  23. Some Military Doctrine Revisited

    Over at the comments section of the Belmont Club, someone tipped me off to this blog by military member Bobby Bran. From what I can see, he’s seriously interested in military history, and his commentary reflects it – definitely going to visit again i…

  24. Fair Tax Fans

    As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, several blogs are talking about the Fair Tax. I am, of course, a supporter of this proposal and in an effort to help spread the word about the Fair Tax, I have started Fair Tax Fans. It is my hope that blog…

  25. It’ll never happen, though

    Ann Althouse would like to see one network simply run its original programming from Sept.11, 2001 on 9-11 this year.No re-editing to clean up the narrative or eliminate repetition, no reporters looking back on how they felt at the time,

  26. “Able Danger” Dangerous Indeed

    Linked to Outside the Beltway- Beltway Traffic Jam

  27. La. ACLU Head Compares People Who Believe in Higher Power to Terrorists

    On Monday, the school board of Tangipahoa Parish in Louisiana had their meeting and was asked by the ACLU to remind teachers not to allow prayer at school functions. In an astounding aside, the First Amendment has become a restriction on private indivi…