Beltway Traffic Jam

The daily linkfest:

  • Kevin Aylward applies his engineering skills to make his baby sleep.
  • Craig Henry sees a solution to the Social Security problem: Cigarettes.
  • Kate McMillan reports on the Canadian Parliament’s fact finding tour of Europe’s brothels.
  • Jerry Scharf basks in the wisdom of Pat Sajak.
  • Frank J is marrying the t-shirt girl. Congrats to both!

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  1. Herb Grubb says:

    I read reliapundit’s article on FELOW: LAW: etc

    He was right on about the Terri Schiave fiasco. Doctors and Lawyers are indeed fallable. The problem is, they, as learned professionals, will damn seldom admit it. What we have in the Terri Schiave killing decision by judge greer is typical.He in no way, will ever sdmit he made a mistake, and the problem in that is that he has many many judge buddies that backed him up ie: state and federal. Judge Whittemore stated in a 11th Dist of Appeals Fed Court that the word “Murder” was emotional, Well, I got news for him, it is out and out MURDER. I may not be as “learned” as he is, But I know murder when I see it. What we are all experiencing, whether we recognize it or not, is JUDICIAL DICTATORSHIP. greer thumbed his nose at Congress by ignoring a Congressional Supoena, and the Federal Judges in Atlanta thumbed their noses at the law. (The Palm Sunday Law)by violating it. Additionally, we do not one single person in congress, or for that mater, in the Executive Branch of our Government that will do a damned thing about it. With Judges legislating from the bench citing European law as the basis for their decisions, We are all in trouble in America. It makes no sense to me that we send out brave young men to foreign lands to fight for “Freedon and Democracy” while at the same time flount the very foundation our forefathers gave us in the Consitiution and Bill of Rights.

  2. Herb Grubb says:

    Day Late and a Dollar Short:

    The 11th District Court of Appeals has now agreed to “Consider” a request for a FULL HEARING of the Terri Schiave case.

    Looks like the judges have finally recognized that they have violated the law and are in a CYA mode.