Blitzer Allows Syrian Cabinet Minister To Compare Israel To Nazi Germany Unchallenged (Video)

I generally think Wolf is pretty good, but today on Late Edition he allowed Syrian Cabinet Minister Bouthaina Shaaban to get away with rhetorical murder without ever bothering to challenge her B.S.

After warning Wolf that the world needs to stop Israel now before it takes this conflict beyond the Middle East, Shaaban tells Wolf to “remember” that, “Nazi Germany was claiming that it was fighting terrorism and then the whole world had to stop that. We are fighting something very similar to what happened as a result of the actions of Nazi Germany against civilians.”

Watch it for yourself:

Notice that there’s absolutely no follow-up from Blitzer. Nothing. He just moves on to the next question as if Shaaban had said that the sky is blue. Unbelievable. When anyone–especially someone of Shaaban’s status–equates the actions of Israel today to those of the Nazi Germany, he should be challenged and made to look like the fool that he is. But something tells me that Wolf was more concerned about keeping Shaaban as guest on his program rather than putting this vicious woman in her place.

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  1. immisha says:

    soooo…has israel gotten its missing people back yet? no? let the bombing commence.

  2. Maurie Edwards says:

    The Hezbollah started this by crossing into Israel and killing 8 Military men and taking two prisoners.These two prisoners are probably all ready killed by the Hezbollah(I’m guessing they took them to interrogate them for military reasons.
    I’m sick and tired of the Lebanese people whining and crying about civilian casualties,they brought it upon themselves by supporting Hezbollah and their actions.If Lebanon wants a cease fire then they MUST give into Israel demands and the Lebanon govt and its people must STAND AGAINST Hezbollah and the situation that HEZBOLLAH created.You naive Lebanon peoples have been brain washed into believing the Hezbollah will protect you(hmmm,how many civilians dead now.You are been used as human shields for a lost cause and more Innocent Lebanese people will be killed and continue to be killed until YOU stop and say NO MORE HEZBOLLAH.I cant believe the Lebanon Government has allowed this to go on this far.I am so enraged by these actions and want to lash out!!The UN must form a multi national army and invade Lebanon and search out these terrorists and capture them and bring them to justice once and for all!If the Hezbollah were real MEN they would come out and fight but they are cowards and use Innocent people to hide from their foe,what a sad situation for ALL THE WORLD TO SEE and experience.

  3. Ralph says:

    Shaaban tells Wolf to “remember” that, “Nazi Germany was claiming that it was fighting terrorism…”

    Cf. the Gleiwitz incident (31 August 1939). A conscientious reading of Shirer’s “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” might disabuse Ms. Shaaban of her fractured recall of history — Taqiyya notwithstanding.

    “These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.” — Mein Kampf

  4. Jason says:

    That’s cute. Would that mean Ms. Shaaban approves of Israels actions? After all, the Ba’athist party has its roots in the Nazi party of Germany.