Trumpy Tabs for Tuesday

Because I had a lot of open tabs.

OTB at 20

A look back at two decades of blogging.

Tuesday’s Forum

Ukraine: Too Much Is Not Enough

The appetite for more resources approaches infinity.

Monday Morning Tabs and Takes

Leftovers from last week and over the weekend.

Looking to the 2024 Senate Map

A tough map for the Democrats.

The Paul Pelosi Video

Why was it released to the public?

Signs and Portents

Trump is still in the GOP driver’s seat.

Right-Wing Musical Chairs on Satellite TV

Weirdly, politicians who don’t understand the debt ceiling also don’t understand other things.

General Preparing for War With China!

Playing two-level games.

Saturday’s Forum

A Photo for Friday


Approval Polling and Starting to Think about 2024

Some numbers from the Emerson poll.

More Mass Shootings than Days in 2023

Some depressing stats.

Students Protest Harvard’s Comaroff Again

Understandable outrage at administrative complicity.

Gay Wedding Cake Baker Back in Court

Here we go again.

Tabby Thursday

A little debt ceiling, a little higher ed, and other misc delights.

U. S. Sending Abrams Tanks After All

An object lesson on the challenges of alliance politics.

Thursday’s Forum

Lackadaisical Handling of Secrets by Top Officials

It’s becoming a sad joke.

We’re Doomed! Doomed!

We’re all gonna die, folks.

Wednesday’s Forum

The Tech Bubble Has Burst. Or Has It?

A lot of huge investments have failed for a variety of reasons.

Manchin 2024? Hogan 2024?

The market for competent centrists.

Tuesday’s Forum

Monday Tabs

Yellen Again Rejects Trillion Dollar Coin

A silly workaround to an infuriating problem that won’t go away.

On the Number of Parties 4: The Oddity of Two, Part 1

A real example of American exceptionalism.

Religious Accommodations and Slippery Slopes

Where do we draw the line?

Gen Z Doesn’t Want Crappy Jobs!

The silliness of “generations.”

There’s No Whisky in this Mouthwash?!

It turns out that the candy flavored booze at the grocery store isn’t even bourbon.

Mitt Romney’s Future

The anti-Trump Republican could find re-election difficult.

I’ve Got Some Ocean Front Property in Arizona

And if you’ll buy that, I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free.

A Thought or Two on Negotiating the Debt Limit

The Biden administration has a point.

Far-Right Idiocy in Sweden

Swedish right-wing provocation and Turkish short-sightedness.

Saturday Morning Tab Clearing

Some stories worth noting but not at great length.

Saturday’s Forum

A Photo for Friday

“Water Colors”

Ending College Degree Requirements

Too many jobs needlessly specify a bachelor’s.

Dobbs Leaker Still Unidentified

The Supreme Court’s internal investigation was inconclusive.

David Crosby, 1941-2023

The folk rock legend is gone at 81.

Alec Baldwin Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter

At what point does negligence become a crime?

Cool Free Event: Disclosing Government Content Moderation Requests

A free panel on how transparent social media platforms should be about government requests