Americans Think Neither Biden Nor Trump Mentally Sound to be President

Shockingly, the current President’s numbers are worse than his predecessor’s.

Student Defies Judge at Graduation

Because screw the other students.

Manchin Won the Debt Ceiling Fight

Neither Republicans nor Democrats are happy. But one man is.

The Education Senator Redux

Tuberville claims he was taken “out of context.”

19th Century Transportation in a 21st Century World

Train I ride, sixteen coaches long.

High School Graduation and Individual Expression

Either it’s a public forum or it’s not.

Debt Ceiling Deal Reached ‘in Principle’

We almost wrecked the economy . . . for this?

The Education Senator

A true inspiration

smartphone coffee smartphone coffee

A Dumb Abuse of Power


NYC Bans Height-Weight Discrimination

They join DC and San Francisco.

Judge Mehta Shining in Unenviable Role

Applying nuanced judgement under the highest scrutiny is what we expect, but don’t often get.

Is Twitter DeSantis’ Problem?

A columnist argues his failed launch was emblematic of a larger problem.


Another hat for the pile.

A Photo for Friday

“Birds and Bluffs”

Henry Kissinger at 100

A rare man and a rare milestone.

Supreme Court Guts Clean Water Act

A 5-4 ruling overturns a unanimous decision from 1985.

DeSantis Pandering to the Deplorables

Out Trumping Trump is possible because of Trump.

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keeper leader, fatass loser POS Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keeper leader, fatass loser POS

Oath Keepers Founder Sentenced to 18 Years

The stiffest punishment yet for a January 6 seditionist.

Chinese Attack Critical Infrastructure

The US intelligence community and Silicon Valley are warning of a major threat.

Pelosi Desk Guy Gets 4-1/2 Years

Seems about right.

Comment Editing Redux

Continuing to work an annoying issue that WordPress doesn’t care about. At all.

Why Are So Many Republicans Running?

Are they bored? Delusional?

Hump Day Tabs

Speaking of the GOP Primaries…

Faint praise edition.

Glenn Youngkin May Run After All

Virginia’s governor is reportedly taking a shot at the 2024 Republican nomination.

A Depressing Headline

A sign of the times.

This is What War Crimes Look Like

The leveling of Bakhmut is the latest Russian atrocity.

User Registration

The simplest solution to the editing issue.

Kick Russia Off the Security Council?

A bad idea backed up by worse reasoning.

The Changing Nature of the Internet

Why Google isn’t AltaVista.

Putin’s Failed Gambit

He’s turned Russia from a G-8 member to an international pariah.

Comity in the Senate

Every once in a blue moon, a glimpse of humanity can be seen.

Transphobic Cruelty

When prejudice overrides simple humanity.

Age Limits? (not Term Limits)

It is something we need to think about.

Ukraine vs Taiwan

Do we have to pick one?

China Calling in its Loans to Poor Countries

Debt-trap diplomacy has finally come home to roost.

You Wore What to the White House?

The times, they are a-changin’.

Chris Christie 2024?!

Can the fat man take down the elephant in the room?