Manchin’s Reward

A MAGA challenger has already emerged for 2024.

abstract image with silhouettes of all different people abstract image with silhouettes of all different people

8 Billion

A new milestone in human history.

What About Henry Ford?!

Do his achievements and good works outweigh his virulent antisemitism?

Democrats’ Chaotic Skullduggery

There was some quiet meddling going on.

Tuesday’s Forum

AZ Called for Democrat Hobbs

Another election denier loses.

University of California TAs and Postdocs on Strike!

A showdown over wages could upend the apprenticeship arrangement that has long characterized graduate education.

Yet Another Campus Shooting

This one at the University of Virginia.

Does Campaign Money Matter?

How much is enough?

Why Stacey Abrams Ran Behind Raphael Warnock

Discrimination? Issues? Incumbency?

Monday’s Forum

What’s the Pattern for Senate Seats in Mid-Terms?

Looking at past Senate elections and some more thoughts on historical patterns.

Election Denialism did Poorly at the Polls

The “America First” slate of candidates lost all but one contest.

Marginal Differences Magnify Individual Races

We used to (usually) know the results on Election Night because the outcomes were clearer.

No Big Lie in 2022?

Even the 2020 election deniers are conceding close elections in the midterms.

Democrats Keep Senate Control

With a win in Nevada, the party will retain at least 50 seats.

Sunday’s Forum

A Trip Down Memory Lane

How long did we wait in 2000?

Leo Gallagher, 1946-2022

The stand-up comic is gone at 76.

“We Used to Know on Election Night!”

Well, kind of, but not really.

Nevada ‘Blue Shift’ Expected to Keep Senate Democratic

Adam Laxalt’s big lead is slowly erodiing.

Saturday’s Forum

Democrats Need One More to Hold Senate

It boils down to NV or GA.

What’s a “Normal” First Term Seat Loss?

Looking at some historical data.

Were the Election Outcomes Truly Unexpected?

Thinking about what was likely and what wasn’t.

Making Sense of the Election

Parsing the results thus far.

A Photo for Friday

“Fall Colors”

Republicans Winning House Popular Vote?

A surprising factoid in a bad election for the party.

Murdoch Gunning for Trump

The New York Post and Wall Street Journal are blasting the losing loser.

How Many Johns in the Senate?

Disproportional representation!

Beware The Exit Polls

The numbers aren’t real. Not yet, anyway.

Republican Losers Conceding, Not Rioting

A low bar has been cleared.

Thursday’s Forum

Trump 2022’s Biggest Loser

The 2020 loser has doubled down on losing.

Weirdness in New York

The chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee lost his re-election.

Nevada Election Results Could Take ‘Days’

Republicans hold narrow leads for Governor and Senator but . . . .

Democratic Ratfucking Worked

Boosting weak candidates in the Republican primaries paid off.

Boebert in Tight Race

Colorado’s third is neck and neck.

COVID Boosters in the Endemic Phase

How long rather than how many?

Democrats Outperform Expectations

The Needle is Broken

Crystal Ball Final 2022 Ratings

Describe the sound made when a sheep explodes.

Midterm Chatter

Open Forum for election chatter.

Tuesday’s Forum

Regular Open Forum for non-election off-sounding.

Biden Getting Little Credit for Infrastructure Bill

Most don’t even know it passed!

RNC Can’t Pay Trump’s Legal Bills if He’s a Candidate

An interesting wrinkle in the 2024 race.

A Photo for Friday (on Saturday)