Student Debt and the For-Profit Connection

The loaners, the dreamers, and schemes.

Manchin Opposes Tanden for OMB

The Senate’s last conservative Democrat is taking President Biden’s call for unity seriously.

How Much Student Loan Relief?

Now, we’re just haggling over price.

Saturday’s Forum

Ted Cruz and Basic Leadership

It is really so hard to understand that you don’t go on vacation during a massive disaster?

A Photo for Friday

“Shapes on the Horizon”

Friday’s Forum

Bob Dole Has Lung Cancer

The 97-year-old former Senator and Presidential candidate is ill.

Will Iowa and New Hampshire Lose Their Special Place?

Nevada is mounting a challenge to the rural, lily-white states that always go first in the presidential primary gauntlet.

Reporting and Commentary Should Remain Separate

There’s more than enough opinion journalism.

US Life Expectancy Declines

Another empirical indication of the toll of the pandemic.

Thursday’s Forum

Over Half a Million

The death toll is staggering.

Rush Limbaugh, 1951-2021

The talk radio megastar has died, aged 70.

Wednesday’s Forum

US Vaccine Rollout Surprisingly Good

As frustrating as it’s been, we’re ahead of just about every country.

Still the Party of Trump

The disgraced loser remains as popular as ever with his base.

Tuesday’s Forum

Stop Blaming the Framers for Everything

America’s institutions are undemocratic but only some of them are a product of the Constitution.

Culture Clash at the New York Times

America’s Newspaper of Record needs to figure out what it wants to be.

Monday’s Forum

Eighteen Years of Blogging

Some reflections

POTUS Should Be Just A Job

The distance in accountability between the highest and the lowest must be shortened.

Trump Trial Fallout: Who Knows?

Early analysis merely confirms analysts’ priors.

Sunday’s Forum

Seven Republican Vote to Convict (Updated)

Historical, but not enough.

Witnesses are Coming (UPDATE: Never Mind)

And illustrations of the fact that this isn’t a regular trial.

The Lincoln Project Grift

Its founders are laughing all the way to the bank.

Trump Refused to Call Off Capitol Rioters

Details of a heated phone discussion with the top House Republican have emerged.

Saturday’s Forum

Counterpoint: The House Managers Made Their Case

Of course, it depends on what case one thinks needs to have been made.

SCOTUS: States Can’t Ban Clergy from Death Chamber

A rather odd non-ruling during the non-session from America’s highest court.

Did House Impeachment Managers Make Their Case?

Most agree that it was good theater. But it’s not clear what they’ve proven.

A Photo for Friday

Friday’s Forum

A New Conservative Party?

Some marginal Republican formers are thinking about maybe doing somethingoranother.

We Are Not QAnon Nation

Most Americans have never even heard of it.

Thursday’s Forum

6 Senate Republicans Vote Trump Trial Constitutional

As expected, the second impeachment trial of the 45th President will proceed.

Wednesday’s Forum

How Powerful is Kamala Harris?

Could the Vice President end the filibuster herself?

Tuesday’s Forum

George Shultz, 1920-2021

The longtime public servant has died, aged 100.

More on the Evolution of US Party Politics

Specifically: the former confederacy and Democratic dominance.

Romney’s Child Welfare Plan

An opportunity for unity and a restoration of normal order.

Partisan Control in the Congress

Some political history,

Shelby Likely to Retire

Implications for Alabama and the GOP as well as considerations on the evolution of American politics.

This image is released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0 via pXhere. This image is released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0 via pXhere.

SCOTUS Lifts California Worship Ban

How should we balance public health and fundamental rights?