Blogging Brown Bag

Steven Taylor is giving a talk on blogging at a brown bag luncheon at Troy University today. He’s asking several questions to help communicate the idea of “blogging” to his audience — and to demonstrate the concept of link-whoring.

1) Is there something about blogging that you think an audience unfamiliar with blogging ought to know?

Mostly that, like “media,” “blogging” is not just one thing. A weblog is merely one medium for conveying information to readers. InstaPundit, Wonkette, Captains Quarters, Daily Kos, and Boing Boing all do very different things in different ways. To simply lump them all together as “blogs” borders on meaningless.

3) . . . do you have a post that helps explain blogging?

I’ve got lots of posts that discuss the role of blogs as a form of media and a whole category of posts, aimed mostly at other bloggers, called “Blogging Tips.” Some of those might be useful to those getting an “inside baseball” view of the field.

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  1. While I am not beyond lookin’ for link love, in this case, that wasn’t the goal here.

    However, you are correct, it illustrates that aspect of the ‘Sphere as well.