Traffic Down at News and Politics Websites

Americans are tuning out. Especially those on the right.

Dozens Quitting Congress

Take this job and shove it. I ain’t workin’ here no more.

RVA Pro Gun Rally 2020-11 Streets of Richmond, VA RVA Pro Gun Rally 2020-11 Streets of Richmond, VA

Trump, the GOP, and Stochastic Terrorism

A conversation in two parts.

Our Unrepresentative Government (Yet Again)

Yet another reminder about pathologies of US democracy.

The Most Important Election in American History

The stakes of losing will be catastrophic. Either way.

Democrats’ Progessive Wing Less Powerful Than Thought?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other firebrands aren’t steering the ship. Yet.

Tennessee Senate Race To Replace Bob Corker Looks Like A Toss-Up

The GOP’s hold on the Bob Corker’s Senate seat in Tennessee may be in jeopardy.

West Virginia Supreme Court Bars Third-Party Candidate From Ballot

The West Virginia Supreme Court has ruled that a candidate who lost the GOP primary for Senate cannot run as the nominee of another party due to the state’s “sore loser” law.

Tim Pawlenty Fails In Comeback Effort, Confirming That The GOP Is Trump’s Party

Former Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty failed in his comeback effort last night, confirming yet again that the GOP is now the Trump Party.

Kansas Governor Concedes GOP Nomination To Kris Kobach

After a week, the race for the GOP nomination for Kansas Governor is over. Now it’s on to what could be an interesting General Election.

Scott Walker In Trouble In Wisconsin?

A new poll suggests that Governor Scott Walker could be in trouble as he seeks a third term as Governor of Wisconsin, but he’s been counted out before only bounce back and confound the doubters.

Bill Nelson Looking Vulnerable In Florida

Rick Scott is pulling in impressive fundraising numbers, giving Democrats reason to worry that they’ll have another Senate seat to worry about in November.

California’s Democratic Party Snubs Dianne Feinstein A Second Time

California’s Democratic Party endorsed “progressive” upstart Kevin de León over Senator Dianne Feinstein, but this is unlikely to stop Feinstein from winning election to a sixth term in office.

RedState Purges Trump Critics

There has been a massive layoff at the Republican website. Everyone who criticized the President is gone.

Erick Erickson’s Struggles

The erstwhile Republican firebrand and current NeverTrumper shares his personal struggles.

2014 Midterm Election Predictions

Time to look into the crystal ball.

Alison Lundergan Grimes Really Doesn’t Want To Admit She Voted For Obama

Sometimes, being evasive in answering a question just makes a politician look silly. This is one of those times.

A Contrarian Analysis Of The 2014 Midterms

One analyst thinks that the predictions of a Republican Senate in 2014 are wildly optimistic.

Facts and Other Left Wing Talking Points

Here’s our debate over shutting down the government over Obamacare in a nutshell.

OTB Reader Survey

We’re soliciting reader feedback on three related questions.

Hindsight Isn’t Lying

Tthere’s enough bad punditry going around that there’s no need to invent cases to expose.

Tonight’s “Town Hall” Debate Unlikely To Be A Game Changer

For all the hype, it’s unlikely that tonight’s debate will have the same impact as the October 3rd Debate.

Romney’s Poll Surge is Real

The Pew poll is no longer an outlier but the start of a trend.

Ahead Of Convention, Plenty Of Pitfalls For Democrats

Obama heads into his convention in a good position, but with several potential pitfalls in his path.

Bob Kerrey, DINO?

Our political scene has changed drastically since Bob Kerrey was last in the Senate.

Obama Adminsitration Backtracking On Smog Rules Angers Environmentalists

Environmentalists are upset by President Obama’s decision to abandon stringent new smog regulations, but he made the right decision.

Jon Hunstman Unveils A Tax Plan You Ought To Be Paying Attention To

Jon Huntsman is out with a tax and jobs plan that deserves a lot more attention than it’s likely to get.

Mitch McConnell-Harry Reid Deal on Debt, Entitlements

A Mitch McConnell-Harry Reid brokered deal on the debt ceiling looks promising.

What Should The U.S. Do About Libya? Most Americans Say Nothing

Calls are coming from both sides of the aisle for the U.S. to do “something” about the situation in Libya. It would be better if we didn’t get involved.

“Heated Political Rhetoric” And The Giffords Shooting

The tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others in Arizona has started another debate about political rhetoric. It’s a stupid debate, and it’s utterly pointless.

MSNBC Lifts Olbermann Suspension

The two episode suspension of Keith Olbermann lends credence to the theory that the whole thing was a publicity stunt designed to support MSNBC’s assertion that its opinion shows are somehow more pure than the shows on FOX.

Cell Phones and Election Polls

The growing number of cell-phone-only households gives Democrats hope that the polls are undercounting them.

Biden To Democratic Base: “Stop Whining”

Vice-President Biden has a message for the Democratic base — stop complaining and just support us already.

Delaware Senate: Coons Beats O’Donnell, Castle Would’ve Beaten Coons

Last night’s celebration in Wilmington is sure to be tempered just a bit by news that Christine O’Donnell is sixteen points behind her Democratic opponent.

Social Security and Life Spans

It’s a myth that the problem with Social Security is that people are living much longer after retirement than they used to. The reality is that a whole lot more people are living long enough to draw benefits.

Bogus Polling May Have Influenced Arkansas Senate Race

The Democratic Senate primary in Arkansas may have been influenced by questionable poll results from Research 2000.

Daily Kos Suing Former Polling Partner

Markos Moulitsas gets a lesson in caveat emptor from his former pollster.