British Poll Shift

“American abroad” New Sisyphus reports that margins are closing between Tony Blair’s Labour Party and the Tories in the just announced British election – plus;

astonishing news is the continued rise of the fanatically pro-European Union Liberal Democrats, a party which, in our estimation, is absolutely astonishing in its ability to be wrong on just about every important issue of the day, foreign or domestic.

He then says the unthinkable.

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Kate McMillan
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  1. Sortapundit says:

    British Elections
    British politics are dull. Trust me on this. The problem could be that the British electorate don’t respond to the overblown drama that so interests me about US politics. Also, the UK isn’t so sharply divided about news-making issues such as abortion…

  2. Daily Pundit says:

    Taking Inven-Tory
    New Sisyphus: That Special RelationshipBritish friends: please vote for the socialist.One of our favorite blogs utters the unthinkable, and then makes a horrible kind of sense. (Hat Tip: James Joyner)….