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Via the CBC:  What if? Election outcome scenarios…

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Steven L. Taylor
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  1. walt moffett says:

    Wonder if this wikipedia link to Belgium’s 2010-2011 government formation would be of any help.

  2. RGardner says:

    I’m not too far from the Canadian border (2 hours), even get CBC on my cable. I try to keep up with Canuckistan. Last visit end of June (love the current exchange rate). quite a few Canadian friends, and dual-citizen friends (um, new that they are dual citizens). I posted here 9 years ago about the danger of thinking that the Canadian political parties are analogous to the Rep/Dem split in the USA. Not even close. Nine years ago Harper’s top priority was federally funded child care (he supported it – I watched the debate).

    The Facebook stuff I’m seeing out of Canadian friends (all BC) is how much they loath Harper (including i”m guessing Tories). The two folks I know in Northern Alberta (Ft McMurray, cough) do not talk politics, too busy working? (to afford $750K condo there)

    I think Doug M’s analysis above is correct, the folks in Canada dislike the party leaders, regardless of party..

    Again, do not simply apply USA standards to Canada. Even their mortgages are different (40-year, refinanced every 5 years).

    Biggest surprise last visit, grocery store prices per pound (with kg in small lettering) – to make stuff seem cheaper – Great Canadian SuperStore.

  3. pcbedamned says:

    Count me as one of those Canadians that is not impressed this time around with any of the Leaders. And for the first time in 27 years, I will Not be voting Conservative, and will hold my nose and vote the lesser of 2 evils (I hope). It is time for Harper to go. This has been an exceptionally long campaign, and I am so glad to see it finally end. I don’t know how you guys do it with the perpetual campaigning. (It makes for interesting news fodder for us political junkies, but damn it can be exhausting when it is your own Country…) I personally think we will end up with a Liberal Minority and be back at the bloody polls within 2 years. Mind you, voter turnout is up this year. Even my daughter’s husband is going to register to vote (finally). Should be an interesting night to say the least.

    Even their mortgages are different (40-year, refinanced every 5 years).

    Actually, we don’t have 40 year mortgages anymore – only 25 yr refinanced every 5 years. That was all changed in 2008 when the bust happened. Hell, I have had a mortgage for years and didn’t even know that 40 years was ever an option! Always thought it was 25, as that was the terms offered to myself and pretty much everyone I know.

  4. Stephen Bloom says:

    M. Trudeau is a cipher. His Liberal Party platform is tax and spend. Their foreign policy platform disavows participation in anything but UN sponsored coalitions. Look for a fall off in military preparedness and capability.