Caption Contest

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

Winners will be announced Thursday PM

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Rodney Dill
About Rodney Dill
Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. coco konski says:

    michelle said i couldnt ride a two wheeler but YES I CAN!

  2. John Burgess says:

    HOPE I can CHANGE the damn tire…

  3. Maggie Mama says:

    As usual the President is spinning his wheels.

  4. Maggie Mama says:

    Obama certainly is a cool cucumber; it’s the complete opposite of Bush’s “soaked with sweat” workouts on his mountain bike.

  5. Maggie Mama says:

    Good grief, the guy can’t even pull off looking relaxed in a pair of jeans; he’s just a total dweeb. 

  6. Brummagem Joe says:

    Bike loans, another socialist scheme.

  7. W. Brown says:

    If I had a dollar for every African American at the Beck rally I could buy a bell for my bike.

  8. Idiot says:

    First time Michelle let him ride without a helmut, now he doesn’t have those ankle bands to keep his cuffs out of the chain.  Someone call OSHA.

  9. John425 says:

    The President poses for the DNC’s  “Dork of the Month” calendar.

  10. G.A.Phillips says:

    Nice helmet…’s gonna be funny as hell when he wipes out and one of his ears cuts down a tree…..

  11. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    W. Brown
    If you were not there, you would not know.  That would have to be a mighty expensive bell.  Oh, you are making this call using the same source of information that tell you the Democrats will hold on to the House.
    I was impressed by Obama’s mighty arms.  This is the leader of the free world.  No wonder Putin has no respect.  What a wuss.

  12. Get off my lawn.

  13. At least we know why Dukakis did the tragic photo-op.

  14. Get your pedals pumpin,’ head out on the bike trail.
    Looking for adventure, instead I get Epic Fail.
    Yeah FLOTUS, go make it happen, take the world in a cold embrace.
    Take all of their guns at once and make it all about race.
    I like golf and wagyu, overreaching blunders.
    Stimulatin’s in but the party’s torn asunder.
    Yeah FLOTUS, go make it happen, take the world in a cold embrace.
    Take all of their guns at once and make it all about race.
    Like a true progressive child, we were born, born to be mild.
    Hope and change’s a lie, I never even tried.
    Born to be mild.
    Born to be mild.

  15. Schwinn!

  16. The most transparent, ethical, wussified administration in history.

  17. How does David Axelrod keep his job?

  18. HIllary Clinton is making sure this picture runs every hour on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

  19. Apparently, all the men’s bikes were taken.

  20. “In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.” — C. S. Lewis 

  21. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    Charles, Mars Bonfire would be proud of you.

  22. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    I can just hear John Kay belting out the verse “Born to be Mild”.  Would have completely changed American culture.  Easy Rider would have had a different flavor.

  23. Michael Hamm says:

    BHO confirms that he is Beetle Bailey reincarnated.

  24. floyd says:

    I ride my bike ,I roller skate, don’t drive no car
    don’t go too fast, but I go way too far!

  25. floyd says:

    Can’t get one of these where I come from…Kenya?

  26. floyd says:

    It’s not a bicycle… we’re going to pedal it as a “sprocket ship”! The  solution to all of America’s transportation problems… Says a whitehouse Spokesman Robert Gibbs.

  27. So how’s that Master of the Universe thing working out for ya?

  28. Why do they hate us?

  29. Another bike trail saved or created!

  30. There is still no basement in the Alamo.

  31. And when his progressive Keynesian hotdogging crashes the economy he jumps up, brushes himself off and says, “I meant to do that.”

  32. (Rodney, if only you could play the music for Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure in the background while this caption contest picture is up.)

  33. Obama: Do you think people will vote for me?
    Mainstream Media: Heck yes! I’d vote for you.
    Obama: Like what are my skills? 
    Mainstream Media: Well, you have a sweet bike.

  34. You’re in good hands with all-statism.

  35. Do I look like I want to win in Afghanistan?

  36. ericinva says:

    Look, Mr. Wilson! No more training wheels!

  37. noisemachine says:

    “Gibbsy told me I gotta ride to the center.”

  38. Rick Sheridan says:

    Yeah those Special Olympics kids are way back there on the trail.

  39. Is this Sturgis?

  40. (Snippet from The Mild One)
    Mainstream Media What’re you regulating, Barack?
    Obama: Whaddya got?

  41. Easy Taxer

  42. FormerHostage says:

    Conclusive proof that BS is a renewable source of energy!

  43. FormerHostage says:

    <blockquote>If I had a dollar for every African American at the Beck rally I could buy a bell for my bike. ~ W.Brown</blockquote>
    If I had a dollar for every person at the Al Sharpton rally that judged people by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin….I’d be broke.

  44. Government Motors latest eco-model gets virtually infinite gas mileage.

  45. You say coke I say caine,
    You say John I say Wayne.
    Hot dog, I say cool it man,
    I don’t wanna be the President of America.

  46. G.A.Phillips says:


  47. John425 says:

    “I engineered “Cap-and-Trade” but all I got was this lousy bike!”

  48. Five will get you ten he blames Bush when he falls.

  49. grizzlybare says:

    Picture…….PERFECT!  Only thing missing is the bubble-gum cards on the clothes pin
    to give him that revvy rum-rum sound as he tools up and down on the boulevard.

  50. grizzlybare says:

    “Leader of the Pack”! Bammy shows off his HOGGGG to the nation; says he’s going
    to let down his hair a bit and taste the wind. You go, Daddy-O!

  51. grizzlybare says:


  52. “We’re out of the woods and back on the right track!”

  53. Michael Hamm says:

    Obama takes his Green Energy initiative on the road.  So far, one job saved or created.