Caption Contest

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

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Winners will be announced Monday PM

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Rodney Dill
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Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. Tim Worstall says:

    The Hokey Cokey, that�s what it�s all about!

  2. Bithead says:

    * Here at the Merry Wonder school, the betterment of physical coodination in our special students is a priority.

    * Hey! Weren’t you the construction worker in the Village People?

  3. Gollum says:

    Is that a gun in your pocket, Miguel, or are you just glad to . . . just . . . Miguel, what exactly IS that in your pocket anyway?

  4. Gollum says:

    Portugual easily shrugs off Iran’s archaic “flying sideways ‘W'” stratagem.

  5. Translating The Village People’s YMCA into Arabic proved to be harder than anticipated.

  6. Gollum says:

    The quality of play degraded quickly after the German chicks took off those weird soccer-ball-print bras.

  7. SgtFluffy says:

    Do not anger Happy Fun Ball

  8. FreakyBoy says:

    Soccer! The Musical.

  9. SlimGuy says:

    Damn, I hope he kicks that ball!

  10. Cool, the new wireless iPod ad.

  11. Look Ma, no hands!

  12. Now is the time in the World Cup when we dance.

  13. Mythilt says:

    “Eeeeek! spider spider spider!!!”

    “I’m here to chew gum and….well you know the rest.”

    “And this interpretive dance, we call the ‘Futball Dream’.”

    “I see your soccer-fu is strong, grasshopper.”

  14. Mythilt says:

    The latest film from Hong Kong, Shaolin Soccer meets Drunken Master

  15. the Pirate says:

    Soccer would be better, if it were Hockey.

  16. McGehee says:

    I’m not going to submit a caption, because soccer pictures are by definition funny. Captions can’t improve on them.

  17. DaveD says:

    The quality of available talent is really raising the barre in World Cup Soccer

  18. DaveD says:

    The “excitement” that skimpily clad female spectators were causing the World Cup players led to a noticeable “adjustment” in their playing style.

  19. Hodink says:

    The TV show, So You Think You Can Play Soccer, brought out hordes. One entry was Al Gore shown here doing his Tweedle-Le-Dee hop/jump. Gore said to no one’s surprise, “I invented soccer.”

  20. Scott_T says:

    “Cocoa, Cocoa cobana!!…” The next show on the WB after the World Cup ends in Germany. Dancing with Soccer Balls.

  21. Bithead says:

    * The unique combo of Soccer and Zen.

    * It was at this point the coaches knew they’d given the players too much Helium.

    * Wow… these speedballs are really WORKING!!!

    * Quick! The Floating Point Unit is malfunctioning!!!!

    * Floating… Free as a bird
    Sixty foot leaps.. it’s so absurd…
    (apologies to the Moody Blues)

    * Time to break out the fish costumes, and pass around an extra ration of rum for the men.

    * Yow! Break dancing kung-fu demons! Too much!

    * (Goulum)…AAAhhhhhhhh! The flying Elvises are BACK!!!!!!!


  22. LorgSkyegon says:

    Skip, skip, skip to my Lou

  23. Roger says:

    From “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats:

    “We can dance if we want to.”

  24. Timmer says:

    Michael Flatley? HAH!!!

  25. Gollum says:

    Crouching Iranian, Hidden Flagon.

  26. Alan Kellogg says:

    *”With a target that size I can’t resist.”

    *”If that sock wasn’t so cheap…”

  27. Rachel Edith says:

    “Look Miguel, I can twist up into a pretzel and whoa, you need treatment for that.”

  28. Ingress says:

    “Didn’t I tell you not to take Viagra before the game?”

  29. Bithead says:

    * How to tell if they’re putting too much fizz in the sports drink.

    * The day they got “pop rocks” in the laundry

  30. Scott_T says:

    1) White player: “Hmmm, why does he needs a cup that big?”

    2) The next two olympic sports. White: Jumping and sitting like a woman. Red: High Kicking while sucking a lemon.

  31. The Iranians soon began to question the wisdom of hiring coach Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance.

  32. Adjustah says:

    Michael Flatley’s football career was short lived…

  33. Adjustah says:


  34. I still don’t get performance art.

  35. New Pose For Heisman Trophy Being Debated.

  36. “When Ya Gotta Pee, Ya Gotta Pee!”

  37. Elmo says:

    In a preview of 2008 Democratic matchups, Barack Obama and John Edwards unveil their campaign slogan: “Two men, one ball.”

  38. McCain says:

    U.S. soccer team practices a curious new “shot avoidance” drill.

  39. McCain says:

    Recipients of a soccer rarity, the dance card.

  40. Elmo says:

    In a preview of 2008 Presidential matchups, Barack Obama and John Edwards unveil their planned campaign slogan: ‘Two men with but a single ball.’

  41. Lasting Magic says:

    Miguel and Mehrzad viewed models of dolls featuring their famous moves. Mehrzad said he would prefer a different pose since he wasn’t going for the girly-man look.

  42. Elmo says:

    The Baha Men’s remake of Tiptoe Through the Tulips lacked the urban feel of their previous hit.