Caption Contest Winners

The Girly Men Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

(AFP/Odd Andersen)


Ne Plus Ultra: bRight & EarlyTranslating The Village People’s YMCA into Arabic proved to be harder than anticipated.

Second: radio free fred – New Pose For Heisman Trophy Being Debated.

Third(tie): McCain – Recipients of a soccer rarity, the dance card.

Third(tie): Mythilt – “Eeeeek! spider spider spider!!!”

Honorable Mention:

TimmerMichael Flatley? HAH!!!

Alan Kellogg“With a target that size I can’t resist.”

The PirateSoccer would be better, if it were Hockey.

SgtFluffyDo not anger Happy Fun Ball

BitheadIt was at this point the coaches knew they’d given the players too much Helium.

Gollum – Portugual easily shrugs off Iran’s archaic “flying sideways ‘W'” stratagem.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

Oh oh! I think John Kerry is gonna be pushed down again.

Voted the Odd Sports Photo of the Week

The The Thursday contest has already launched an attack on North Korea.

Other Caption Contests

Riding Sun is looking for day-care alternatives.

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  1. Thanks Rodney, that ten day vacation I took really helped.