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  1. markm says:

    Two members of Insane Clown Posse (I.C.P)converted this week. Asked why, they answered “we wanted to be in Adam Sandlers “Thanksgiving” song.

  2. FormerHostage says:

    Cindy Sheehan makes an appearance at the DC anti-war protest.

  3. FormerHostage says:

    Does this outfit make me look fat?

  4. MikeS says:

    Quit clowning around and take off that stupid hat!!!

  5. FormerHostage says:

    Embarrassing clown moment #14: two clowns showing up at a party in the same outfit.

  6. FormerHostage says:

    A congressional “fact-finding” tour.

  7. FormerHostage says:

    Due to stricter security, suicide bombers resort to a new tactic.
    (No one EVER suspects the clowns!)

  8. Bithead says:

    * The staff of Air America

    * The Pink Flash mobs were getting smaller… and weirder

    * Drink up, Shriner!

    * (nod to Cheech and Chong)…I’ve never seen anyone he that much acid in my life. I hope you’re not busy for about a month…

    * This is Bob. Bob’s doing very well. Except when those side effects kick in.

    * The Beatles “Abby Road, part three” cover. Notice that Paul is still barefoot, clearly indicating he’s dead.

  9. Maggie says:

    After the fringe left attempted a sit-in at her Capitol Hill office, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi faces the harsh reality of dealing with Democrats of various stripes.

  10. John Burgess says:

    Bumblebees, finally getting the message that they can’t fly, overcompensate in NYC.

  11. Hodink says:

    “Kindly inform them that never once in my ‘Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free …’ spiel did I utter the words weird or fashion-challenged. Let’s send these to American Idol.”

  12. Kenny says:

    Chapter One, page one:

    Khalid Sheik Mohammed had had better days…

  13. Matt T says:

    “If I knew the only job I could land after being laid off as a US Attorney was this stupid clown gig, I would have prosecuted every Democrat in New Mexico.”

    -David Inglesias

  14. Hermoine says:

    “That was the worst plane ride of my life.”

  15. The democratic contenders are out early in New Hampshire.

  16. The flying Imams are seen going to court to file suit against the airlines and passengers for the flight they were kicked off of for suspicious behavior.

  17. I am not an animal! I am a human being! I…am…a man!

  18. General Pace pointed to the two soldiers crossing the street saying even when he doesn’t ask, he can sometime tell when there is something just not right about a soldier.

  19. The democrats are seen leaving the building in protest over the selection of Fox News. “They are just a right wing propaganda machine intent on distortion to make us look like clowns.”

  20. AP was rocked by a Fauxtography scandal when an unedit picture of Reid and Pelosi was released.

  21. Timothy S says:

    “It did not take long for the brothers to realize that their attempt at feigning Jewish orthodoxy for the festival had gone horribly awry.”

  22. elliot says:

    Two patrons of Venetian Tanning Salon leave the court house after filing charges against them. Sun lamps located behind some louver panels mal-functioned and caused them to tan irregularly.

  23. Scott_T says:

    1) ..we are the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild….

    2) Auditions for the next Batman Begins Part Duex: Teen Joker

    3) Who knew their was two costumes of insides John Murtha’s spincter? (sp?) And more suprisingly that they would both show up at the same graduation ceremony?

  24. McGehee says:

    After their case was laughed out of court, the plaintiffs in Fat Clowns v. Coulter vow to continue their fight against unkind language.

  25. I’m telling you Aaron, something isn’t kosher about those two.

  26. I’m sorry, but some hookers should only work at night.

  27. Manolo says, the Manolo he loves the super fantastic clowns, but the shoes are not right for these ones.

  28. Sometimes you can get a ten from a two at 2 a.m. after a six pack, but these girls are looking at multiple cases to get above a five.

  29. I think we may have just figured out why the Israeli army didn’t do better in Lebanon last year.

  30. McGehee says:

    The federal investigators who were supposed to find out who leaked Valerie Plame’s name turned out to be the same ones who were supposed to build a case against Sandy Berger.

  31. Bithead says:

    Second pass with a few more ideas:

    * With the addition of these two, Al Gore is no longer two clowns short of a circus.

    * Now where did we park the car?

    * So, you’re a clown fish, huh? Hey, Say something FUNNY.

    * The Invasion of the Ku Klux Clowns was unexpected.

    * Don’t bother… they’re here.

    * Clown Clones

    * Hmmm. Evidently, angry clowns DO charge.

    * It was at this point that Data realized his emotion chip had hit another programmatic snag.

    * Another little known movement in Hait-Ashbury during the early nineteen sixties was…..

    * Playboy’s cover for the issue of “The Girls of Clown College”

  32. Bithead says:

    Padding? WHAT padding?

  33. Wyatt Earp says:

    Filming began in New York today for Spawn 2: Zionist Enforcer.

  34. Bithead says:

    Looks like we’ve stumbled onto a Scooby-doo mystery, gang

  35. 1) As you can see from the costumes, it’s no wonder the Persians were not only defeated by the Jews, but that it took almost a million men to kill just 1,400 Greeks.

    2) These guys give a real reason why you should be afraid of clowns.

  36. Terrence says:

    The Bar Mitzvah became uncomfortable when the clowns were invited to read from the Torah.

  37. Timmer says:

    Next on “The View”…

  38. Rodney Dill says:

    Next on “The View”…
    Rosie O’Donnell converts to Judaism

  39. Chevy Chase and Dan Ackroyd try to resurrect their careers with “Spies Like Us II: Oy Veh!”

  40. We’re not really mohels, but we did a birthday party at a Holiday Inn in Crown Heights last night.

  41. elliot says:

    At little Joshua’s Bar Mitzvah, the clowns, hired as entertainment, were immediately escorted out when they sang ..’Hava Tequila’

  42. elliot says:

    ..Next on “What Not To Wear

  43. “Ain’t never gonna do it without the fez on…”

  44. Several of Adele Lutz’s creations that were rejected by David Byrne before he finally settled on the Big Suit for Stop Making Sense.

  45. As the senior senator from New York, Chuck Schumer exercised his right to walk before Hillary in Crown Heights’ St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

  46. The IAEA stops at Katz’s Deli to pick up some knishes on the way back to Turtle Bay.

  47. … and the Fitzmas Costume Ball goes on and on …

  48. serr8d says:

    Damn, I miss John Belushi

  49. Deathlok says:

    1. In an effort to save money, the city has combine the American-Jewish Parade with the Ringley Brothers Parade.

    2. Who’s the Clown in the Fez?

    (Hey! Nobody said the word Fez! It had to be said.)

  50. McGehee says:

    It was easy to see why only two of them got out of the car this time.

  51. Lionel says:

    The Goldman Bar Mitzvah was completely ruined when someone played the song, “Send in the clowns”!

  52. Ingress says:

    “Don’t knock civil unions. Folks are united in their civility. And it’s like high school. You can dance with any sex!”

  53. Lasting Magic says:

    Bill Richardson – “C’mon advise me! I don’t know whether to shout Hare Krishna or get Babs to sing Send In The Clowns. This is the true March Madness.”