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Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM


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Winners will be announced Monday PM

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Rodney Dill
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Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. Maggie Mama says:

    Straight hair is out; curling your hair is in.

    Some people let the Winter Olympics go to their heads.

    Updated tin foil hats are all the rage.

  2. Maggie Mama says:

    Giving new meaning to the term “stoned”.

  3. MikeM says:

    Once a stoner always a stoner.

  4. MikeM says:

    Hoping to pick up Rainy Day Women #12 and 35.

  5. FormerHostage says:

    Well, I guess it’s better than being called $#i+ for brains!

  6. Maggie Mama says:

    They were stoned out of their gourds.

  7. yetanotherjohn says:

    I had always wondered why they called it curling.

    In an accident prone Winter Olympics, tragedy struck the curling competition.

    Toyota engineers behind the run away acceleration are revealed.

    It is one thing to find curling even mildly interesting, it is quite another to become a fanatic.

    In the inevitable clash with Wisconsin cheese heads, the trouble of making their headware out of stone paid off.

    Talk about your babe magnets.

    Scientist received new insights into Japan’s falling birth rates today.

    Ever wondered why you don’t hear about Japanese fashion?

    In another blow to Obama’s healthcare chances, people shrugged when Yoshi and Itzi threatened to not remove the curling weights from their head until Obamcare had passed.

    Ever felt weighed down in life?

    Just like electing Obama, it sounded like a good idea until you had to live with it.

    The only real difficulty is with the hat check girls.

    I wonder what TSA would do if these guys showed up at the airport. I mean its not like the manual would cover this.

  8. rodney dill says:

    The only real difficulty is with the hat check girls.

    Hat Check Girl: “Can I get your rocks off?”

  9. Brian Knapp says:

    Pictured above: Larry, Moe, and curling.

  10. William d'Inger says:

    The ruse worked as intended. The distracted TSA agents failed to notice the toothpaste tubes in their carry-on luggage.

  11. William d'Inger says:

    It improves reception from the Mother Ship orbiting the moon, but it compromises the clandestine nature of the reconnaissance mission.

  12. William d'Inger says:

    We were allowed to bring the irons, but airport security confiscated our brooms.

  13. William d'Inger says:

    “Well, no, not that, but security did make us take off our shoes.”

  14. William d'Inger says:

    I told him not to buy tickets in the front row, but would he listen to me? Noooooooo, not him.

  15. Maggie Mama says:

    Proof that what happens in Vancouver, doesn’t stay in Vancouver.

    They asked the wrong bartender for “sake on the rocks”.

    Two party goers foolishly told Debbie McCormick she rocks their world.

  16. William d'Inger says:

    We visited Vancouver, and all we got were these lousy irons.

  17. Triumph says:

    We are complete idiots!

  18. This Guy says:

    When they got to their seats they knocked two other observers to the upper deck.

  19. floyd says:

    After a night of celebrating victory in the curling contest, nothing beats an ICE COLD stone to relieve the hang over.

  20. Wyatt Earp says:

    You do not want to know where they put the brooms!

  21. Don Singleton says:

    Do you have an aspirin? I feel like I have a heavy weight pressing on my head.

  22. Rachel Edith says:

    The Olympic song and dance by Akio Toyoda and Yoshimi Inaba at the hearings did not impress U.S. lawmakers.

  23. John425 says:

    Japanese craze about the sport game of “curwing” takes over.

  24. D. Dean says:

    The bobsleds were way to cumbersome.

  25. Sing along with the Dippity Doo Waps: “Curlers in your hair? Shame on you!”

  26. Sweeps week. Again.

  27. physics geek says:

    “Do you think that we’re being too literal here?”

    “They told us to curl our hair and that’s exactly what we’re doing!”
    Blockhead? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what… okay, it means exactly what you think it means.

  28. mannning says:

    As they are picked up and thrown down the ice, all they were concerned with was will they be ten.

  29. elliot says:

    Godzilla we are ready for you!!!!!

  30. chsw says:

    Loose Bruce and Wide Clyde placed a man’s big stones on their heads.

  31. I’d heard the Karate Kid remake was going to be based in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, but I didn’t believe it.

  32. Chadzilla says:

    Fetishcon 2010, HERE WE COME!!!

  33. Sandra_in_Severn says:

    “Hey, Honey! Bud and I got “stoned” tonight.”

  34. rodney dill says:

    “Here come ol’ frattop, he come groovin’ up srowry”

  35. “Well, I would not feel so all alone.”

  36. Well, I’d check to make sure the Japanese team’s curling stones weren’t corked, if you know what I mean.

  37. Jenny learned the hard way that a double takeout on a blind date was not a good thing.

  38. The only thing sillier than these hats is that curling is a freakin’ Olympic Sport.

  39. Hodink says:

    Find a highly compatible partner.