You’ve had to wait long enough. Time for another OTB Caption ContestTM

Write your captions in the comments section below. Sep. 3, 2003

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James Joyner
About James Joyner
James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm veteran. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Norbizness says:

    I hereby swear on this large print version of “Tropic of Cancer” to have as many group orgies as humanly possible in the upcoming year. Now gimme my parade, bitches!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Today Kim Jong Il told George W Bush, “Back off or the crazy gook is gonna get bitch slapped.”

  3. Ryan says:

    “Oh, I’ve rusted up and my arm has got stuck in this silly position. *sob* If only I had a heart! Dorothy! Where are you?”

  4. Rodney Dill says:

    Kim Jong Il joins the race for Governor of California, with the campaign promise to nuke higher taxes.

  5. This salute would look so much better if I was wearing a flight suit.

  6. Hodink says:

    “Doing the robot? Michael Jackson’s got nuttin’ on me.”

  7. Dr_D_A says:

    “I have one simple request…..triplets with frickin laser beams.”

  8. Mahnster says:

    Seen 2 seats down from Ted at Ted Turner Stadium, Kim Jong Il cheers on his beloved Atlanta Braves with his version of the “Tomahawk Chop”

  9. Rachel Edith says:

    “I am practicing the Vulcan greeting. Ok, Ok. It could be going better. How do they do that anyhow?”

  10. BobD says:

    Stick my thumb in my what?

  11. Timmer says:

    What’s that noise? Sounds like…

  12. Chortle says:

    “And I pledge never to read anything larger than Playboy Magazine and especially never a book this big unless, of course, it has plenty of dirty pictures. Does it?”

  13. Hermoine says:

    “This is our secret nuclear hand signal, the meaning of which is secret, you see. But for some enriched uranium, I will tell you the meaning and let you sign the enigma book and have my hairdresser give you the official haircut.”

  14. So that’s what happened to Long Duck Dong from the movie Sixteen Candles.

  15. Bouhaki says:

    “You say her name is Charo and she is doing the coochie coochie. Stop her. Wash her and bring her to my tent.”

  16. John Rogers says:

    Earthlings! I’ve come for your women and your booze! Resistance is futile.

  17. Lasting Magic says:

    Up came the cloud
    Slaughtering the foe.
    And the Inky Dinky Spider
    Revered K-Jo.

  18. Matt says:

    Raise your hand! Raise your hand if you’re Sure!