Caption Contest

Time for The Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

This might be a little more challenging.

(AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

Winners will be announce Monday PM

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Rodney Dill
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  1. Kent says:

    Who flipped the bird?

  2. Bithead says:


  3. Chortle says:

    “Today, at the inaugural, a dove was released and it proceeded to poop on Dick Cheney. It was later revealed that Patrick Leahy had something to do with it.”

  4. Harry says:

    After years of blissful wandering, Donnie awakens one morning to discover that Yum Brands has just opened a string of Kentucky Fried Dove restaurants.

  5. Ralph Thayer says:

    So many pates… So little time.

  6. Michael says:

    Ok, I have no caption, but I spit diet coke on my keyboard when I read Bithead’s caption.

    That’s the winner.

  7. Scott_T says:

    Undercover ANSWER activist Rita releases one of their TODAY Doves to unleash it’s payload of anti-fur poo on unsuspecting supporters of the President’s during the innaguration ceremony.

    (Tactical Offensive Dove Aerial bYrd)

    No one ever claimed ANSWER members could spell.

  8. Mythilt says:

    3 seconds later, Amir discovered that yes, the bird of peace can take a crap.

  9. Brandon says:

    In this RNC commercial set for release on January 20, 2005, the people of America perfectly time the release of a dove as a giant hawk swoops to devour and destroy it.

  10. And Noah opened the window of the ark and behold, he sent forth a dove…

  11. IR says:

    (not a caption…just an observation)

    Anyone else amused that the AP Photographer’s name is “Lefteris?”

  12. Roger says:

    I tawt I taw a puddy tat.

  13. Ugh says:


  14. dave t says:

    Where are Dastedly and Muttley when you need them…..quick catch that pigeon – it is needed to convey cards allowing Dems to vote in WA/WN/OH etc

  15. Crerar says:

    A starving peasent comes to the bitter realisation that – a bird in the hand is indeed worth more.

  16. LJD says:

    Peace rally degenerates into attempted chicken-choking.

  17. Jeremy says:

    I got nothing after reading “Pull”. Too funny.

  18. Hodink says:

    A representative of Martha Stewart gave symbolic representation of the convict/lifestyle maven at the Presidential Inaugural in Washington today.

  19. Chadwick says:

    I guarantee you that bird wasn’t the only thing that was “high” at the protest rallies.

  20. McGehee says:

    I’m sitting this one out. My hat’s off to Bithead.

  21. Hermoine says:

    The Vacation Pictures

    “And then this bird landed right in Jimmy’s hands. We had it for dinner but sadly there was very little meat.”

  22. Baron says:

    The Great Ali Al Swalhiri shows off his first magic trick. Shortly after, he was blown up by Islamic extremists insisting that magic is not consistent with the Koran, therefore he and the 13 innocent people around him deserved to die.

  23. Ingress says:

    “Like they say, a bird in the hand … uh, uh, ooops. Awwww man.”

  24. The Doctor says:

    The new US military drone Peace One, prepares to unleash the mother of all bird turds on a crowd on insurgents outside Mosul.

  25. Cricket says:

    Kent’s was just as funny.

  26. Timmer says:

    From your lips to God’s ears.

  27. Rachel Edith says:

    Video featuring SpongeBob and The Dove of Peace. Storyline has The Dove tracking SpongeBob and Tinky Winky. The holocaustal happy ending makes The Passion look like The Incredibles.

  28. Brian says:

    Aww hell….there goes lunch!

  29. The WASP says:

    Al Qeida opperatives try and stomp out any thing that might resemble a “peace plan” for the middle east to continue their reign of terror.

  30. Justin says: