Caption Contest Winners

The Blue Oyster Bikers Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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First: MarkYou guys should have heard the crap Mel Gibson said to us when we pulled him over!

Second: charles austinBowling for Columbians.

Third: yetanotherjohnPeyote, its not just for breakfast anymore.

Honorable Mention:

Bithead“Aw, Jerry…You should have gone before we left!!”

Gollum – Antonio ended up in the middle that day as punishment for not showing up with enough pieces of “flair.”

Hodink – Los Angeles implements a new anti-terrorist tactic.

Gaijin BikerMost TV critics agree that CHiPs jumped the shark in season 4, with the addition of Ponch’s ten long-lost brothers.

SgtFluffyThe Illegal Immigrants are becoming very creative in the efforts to cross the border

DaveD – There was some concern that the police response to petty crimes depicted on the show “Cops” was becoming a bit excessive.

Rodney’s Charles Austin’s and yetanotherjohn’s Bottom of The Barrel

yetanotherjohn – A spokesman for the Mexico City police force angrily denied charges that the police force was “nothing more than a bunch of trained monkeys in service to the drug lords”.

charles austin – Another job Americans won’t do.

yetanotherjohn – The concept came to me one night after I had swallowed my third worm.

charles austin – Good Lord, not another subjectively judged Olympic sport.

yetanotherjohn – The Hells Angels just hung their heads in shame and left town after seeing what they were up against.

charles austin – If you zoom in far enough you can read their buttons which say, “Vote for Pedro.”

yetanotherjohn – Hey Carlos, where’s the top guy Juan?… I don’t know. I haven’t seen him since the last overpass.

The The Thursday contest has already gone to some captioner’s heads.

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