Caption Contest Winners

The Ghost In The Machine Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

(AP Photo/Katsumi Kasahara)


First: Rachel Edith – Tom Cruise has a new job.

Second: FormerHostage – I like big bots and I cannot lie…

Third(tie): Gaijin BikerSony’s new “Simon Says” robot was quickly pulled off the market after it ordered the schoolchildren seen here to turn their heads a full 360 degrees.

Third(tie): yetanotherjohnThe French suffered further humiliation when it was revealed that the Japanese company has perfected a robot that can perform all the functions of the French soldier.

Honorable Mention:

dougrc – I, Robot-san.

Russell NewquistSimon didn’t say!

yetanotherjohnRivet dance

Mythilt – “I for one greet our new robot overlords.”

Suzanne BertonEven President Bush doesn’t have this many followers.

charles austinThe younger generation has abandoned the subtle mystery of the green tea ceremony.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

“I am Algor2008, I invented the Internet.”

New Rules of Robotics
1. The Robot is Always Right
2. IF the Robot is Wrong, see Rule 1.

“Next one calls me ‘chip’ is getting clobbered.”

“There are only 10 ways of doing things around here, my way or the highway.”


‘Okay, who called my mother a TRASH-80?”

‘oil can… oil can….’

Q: How do robots count the number of Octopus vulgaris Mollusca?
A: Oc Tally.

The Monday contest is already visualizing world peace.

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