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The Playground Rules Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



(Mohammed Ameen/Reuters)

The Winners:

First: ralph – tin snips and a spreader sir, one less rocket launcher and one more slide.

Second: markm – Dateline Detroit: In it’s bid to not be out done Detroit regains the title as America’s most dangerous city from underdog St. Louis. Detroit hip-hop Mayor Kwame Kilpatrik in a counter PR measure deploys the National Guard to Detroit’s playgrounds to ensure at least someone uses the playground equipment before it is stolen for scrap metal.

Third(tie): FormerHostage – Democrat alternative to waterboarding undergoes testing.?!

Third(tie): TimmerA metal slide? What kind of monster are you?!

Honorable Mention:

MikeM – Congress’ latest withdrawal plan – redeploy troops to American playgrounds to keep bullies at bay.

peterh – Whether that kid breaks his ass on that cement block is no concern to us… we’re here to check off another successful project via Halliburton…

DaveD – It’s 2009 and President Hillary Clinton insists it takes a platoon to raise a child in Baghdad

John425 – Army Corps of Engineers troops evaluate new, FEMA-designed device as a potential “people mover” for next New Orleans flood.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

“No Private, I meant White Castle.”

“My turn next.”

“Next we’re gonna play Hide and Go Kill.

The bushurkey2007 Thursday Contest has already laid an egg.

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