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The Whack-A-Superdelegate Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



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First: charles austinSurvivor: Phuket (Oddly enough the 2008 US Presidential Race has the same name — rodney)

Second: John425 – NASCAR makes do after US runs out of oil.

Third:(tie) GollumTry as he might, Amnuay couldn’t get Mancini’s “The Baby Elephant Walk” out of his head for *days* after the event.

Third:(tie) ElmoWhen we received word that time was running out for my captured husband, President Clinton. I led a daring, daytime mounted rescue mission into the jungle, and saved him from the cannibals.


elliot – Pooper scoopers were strickly enforced at the park today, as some pet owners were shown abiding by the rule.

BitheadLook, Hiram… eventually, we’re going to have to admit the Steroids we used on those horses gave us some really screwy results….

Maggie Mama – With every Hillary set-back more GOPers come to realize that they’re not only still in the game, but also could make the final goal.

floyd – Republicans work toward their goals, while the Democrats sit on their asses and bray!


All in all the democrat competition for the nomination, on jackasses, was much more amusing.

The McCain/Babar 2008 Ticket suddenly started to look pretty good.

…and Obama thought bowling was difficult.

The Polophant became the new GOP mascot.

The mobilesaunaThursday Contest has already started the Democrat National Convention.

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  1. Woo hoo! Sorry for the late notice, on vacation and just saw it.