Christopher Walken Does Lady Gaga

Christopher Walken does a dramatic reading of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" recycles a Steve Allen bit from before I was born. But it's still hilarious.

Christopher Walken does a dramatic reading of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” on BBC’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

Steve Allen pioneered this bit before I was born but it remains a classic. This, despite the fact that I have only the vaguest idea who Lady Gaga is.

Hat tips:  Jason Kottke and E.D. Kain

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  1. One of my favorite versions of this bit was last year when Conan O’Brien brought in William Shatner for a dramatic reading of Sarah Palin’s Twitter feed:

  2. sam says:

    Steve Allen pioneered this bit before I was born…

    Sigh. I remember watching him read the lyrics of pop tunes out loud. Hilarious. I’m also pretty fond of Walken’s The Continental on SNL. Pretty funny. Wonder how many people know that he was originally a dancer? And a very good one at that. If you ever see the Steve Martin version of Pennies from Heaven, Walken performs a dance number with Bernadette Peters that is first-rate.

  3. David says:

    Sam, this is also first-rate:

    Thanks to Fatboy Slim for seeing the genius!

  4. sam says:

    Yo, David, that’s great! First time I ever saw Walken in the movies was when he played Annie Hall’s brother and scared the living shit out of Woody Allen. My favorite Walken line is from True Romance, after offing someone he says, “I haven’t killed anybody in years.”