Someone named John Holbo has a hilarious take on a new magazine:

I am not alone, I trust, in my bemusement at the Taki/Buchanan collaboration that is The American Conservative.

How to put it?

It’s like one of those odd Marvel supervillian team-ups – one of the really incongruous ones, like: Galactus and the Kingpin! Or: the Red Skull and Loki! Just because they’re BOTH sinister, doesn’t mean it makes narrative sense for them to work together.

* * *
I imagine that a typical scene in the editorial offices of The American Conservative unfolds somewhat like this:

Buchanan: With my powers of irate, pugnacious nativist jingoism, I will rule the –

Taki: Never forget, my American friend, that it is I, Taki, Greek Eurotrash, jetsetting shipping magnate libertine extraordinaire, who –

(Hat tip: Jacob Levy)

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