Matthew at A Fearful Symmetry is somewhat amused that Michael Kinsley and others are jumping on the get-government-out-of-marriage argument that he floated a couple days back and using the term “privatize marriage” that I appended to it in response to Matthew’s post. I guess this isn’t surprising in that 1) bloggers can publish stuff as soon as we come up with it whereas the “pros” have to wait for their column to come out and 2) one would imagine that professional pundits read blogs and get some ideas there.

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  1. Matthew says:

    I was kidding around in that post (except for the part about hell freezing over), but Mindles’ article was linked by Kevin Drum, and if Michael follows the blogosphere at all, he probably reads Kevin . . .

    That said, a search for “privatize marriage” shows 128 hits, so the idea isn’t at all new. I was just amused to see the article, mostly because a friend sent me that url while we were arguing over the proper origins of gay rights — I believe in applying the libertarian harm principle to a category of human behavior whereas she believes in giving gays and lesbians rights because they were born that way — and she sent me that article (I guess) thinking it would irk me. Heh.